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The Koskela Brothers is an achievement in Alan Wake 2 that requires you to watch every one of the Koskela Brothers commercials. This is actually one of the hardest achievements to unlock in Alan Wake 2 because the location for each commercial is very discreet. Luckily, the hard work’s been done for you, and in this guide, we’ll lay out every commercial location in Alan Wake 2!


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Watch All The Koskela Brothers commercials

In order to complete ‘The Koskela Brothers’ achievement, all you need to do is watch all of the Koskela Brother commercials. There are six commercials to watch in total, and you’ll find them dotted throughout the map.

After you watch all of the commercials, you will be rewarded with ‘The Koskela Brothers’ achievement, and earn 15 points. This achievement is required to 100% complete Alan Wake 2. 

Aside from this, watching these commercials is actually pretty pointless. Sure, they’re amusing. But unlike with many other collectibles, such as Nursery Rhyme Puzzles, you won’t actually be rewarded with anything after watching each commercial. 

How to Watch the Koskela Brothers Commercials

Watching the Koskela Brothers commercials is about as simple as you would expect. Simply look at the screen on which the ad is playing, and keep your point-of-view focused on it until the commercial ends. It’s important that you watch every second of the commercial. Otherwise, the game may not detect that you’ve watched that commercial, ruining your progress. 

It’s also worth noting that most of these commercials are tied into different parts of the story. So you won’t be able to complete this achievement without progressing through a significant portion of the main story.

The Koskela Brothers Alan Wake 2

Where to Find the Commercials

Here are the locations of every commercial that you need to watch:

  • Adventure Tours. You can find this commercial when visiting the Sherriff’s Station in Bright Falls for the first time. Just before you go to the morgue, head through the door on the left. You’ll end up in the Employee Lounge, and in the corner of hte room, you should find a TV. As you approach it, it will start playing one of the Koskela Brothers Commercials.
  • Coffee World. You will find this commerical during the ‘Local Girl’ Chapter. When you’re in the Elderwood Palace Lodge, explore the room near the main entrance. You should find a TV playing the Coffee World commercial.
  • Parade Floats. You’ll find Parade Floats in the same chapter. When you get to the Lighthouse Trailer Park, enter the building directly in front of Anderson’s house. You should see a TV playing the ‘Parade Floats’ commercial as you walk into the building.
  • Ahma Beer. Just before the end of Chapter 3, you’ll be able to watch this commercial. Simply return to the Sumoi Hall after you defeat the main bosses, and you’ll see a TV playing the commercial.
  • Bright Falls Blend. During the Old Gods Chapter, you will find the penultimate Koskela Brothers commercial. After you meet Rose, go into the recreation room of the Nursing Home. There should be a TV in the corner of the room which will begin playing hte commercial as you enter. 
  • Deerfest. To watch the final commercial, you’ll need to make your way to the Oh Deer Diner. Once you arrive, the TV will begin playing the ad.

Tips on Finding the Commercials

Here are a few tips that should make finding the six commercials, and completing The Koskela Brothers, a little bit easier:

  • Focus on the Story- These commercials are all tied to the main story of Alan Wake 2. As such, your main focus when completing this achievement should be working your way through the story (which is much harder to do than just staring at a TV). Then, all you have to do is watch each commercial at the correct point. 
  • Explore Thoroughly- Building on this, you need to take the time to explore every nook and cranny of the map while playing through the main story. The commercials are all tucked away in corners. And if you don’t take the time to explore, you will miss them!
  • Watch Each Commerical Fully- Ensure that you watch each commerical until the very end, or it may not count towards your achievement progress.
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