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As expected with any typical RPG game these days, Baldur’s Gate 3 also comes with a ton of optional side quests that you can try and complete.

One of these side quests is Save Mayrina which is available whilst exploring the Forest, the quest itself can be obtained whilst on Act 1 / Chapter 1

It will involve a group of brothers interrogating a woman over their lost sister

(NOTE: You can actually access the Underdark through this quest, as well as completing the Gale companion quest, Wizard of Waterdeep)


Help the Hag Survivors




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  • ACT (CHAPTER) UNLOCKED: Act 1 (Chapter 1)
  • LOCATION: Forest
  • QUEST GIVER: Two Brothers


  • When you go and inspect the commotion you will discover that the 2 brother’s sister went to visit this old woman and has been missing ever since.
  • Pick whichever dialogue option you want depending on your play style. (However, choosing the Let me, I’ll bring Mayrina home option will add disapproval to the following characters; Astarion, Shadowheart and Lae’zel. Whilst Gale will approve of this)
  • If you agree to help find Mayrina for them, then the brothers will demand that they do it on their own and run off.
  • Regardless, if you continue on you should hopefully encounter a small scene involving a feeling of being watched.
  • If you open your map up you should notice that there are icons on it that show where Auntie Ethel is located, head there. It is near the Sunlit Wetlands. Do not venture inside her house just yet though.
  • Near Auntie Ethel’s home you should be able to locate the bodies of the two brothers. This will be added to your quest notes and may prove to be valid evidence for later (Journal Entry added)
  • Whilst in the Sunlit Wetlands try and locate an animal that should be running around, commence a fight with it
  • Whilst fighting this animal you should notice that it changed from an animal into a group of goblin enemies. In fact everything should of changed including the area too. Hmm, nice disguise. (Journal updated)
  • After dealing with these fakes you can now return back to Auntie Ethel’s house and enter it to witness a small scene
  • Choose whichever dialogue option you want, you will most likely be forced to fight her regardless.
  • If you examine the Fireplace you should notice that there is a secret staircase hidden behind it
  • As you progress down the stairs keep an eye on the left side, there should be a passage with Whispering Masks scattered on the floor, head here for a short scene.
  • After the scene go ahead and equip one of these Whispering Masks that should now of crept into your inventory
  • The wall should now give way to a secret passage that you can enter
  • In here there will be quite a few enemies that you will most likely be unable to avoid.
  • Jump through the nearby Waterfall to be met with several pools of green gas, you will need to walk through this but try to be fast in doing so in order to avoid taking too much damage in the process
  • Your aim is to try and get to the ground floor of this entire area.
  • Keep progressing down and following the gas pits until you reach a cage, inside this cage will be Mayrina
  • Now for this next part we have the choice of either choosing the good ending to this quest or the bad, however in order to achieve the good one you will need to have either the Faerie Fire and / or Detect Invisibility abilities at your disposal. Otherwise if you do not then you will have no other choice but to pick the bad ending instead. In order to get the bad ending you will need to kill Mayrina, in order to do this you will need to activate the Yellow Orb Crystal that sits at the bottom of the screen, Mayrina will then exit the cage and it is now when you can go ahead and unfortunately kill her.
  • However, if you do have those abilities available to you then we can go for that good ending!

In order to achieve the good ending, (remember that this whole quest is all about disguises and being disguised and trying to trick the eye), with that in mind when you have successfully found Mayrina trapped in a cage, hover the camera down and you should hopefully notice a Yellow Orb crystal, head to the left of this said crystal in order to find a wooden bridge next to a huge root. Auntie Ethel stands on these planks (though at present she is currently invisible). This is where the abilities Faerie Fire and / or Detect Invisibility come into play! Use these abilities on Auntie Ethel to draw her out of the invisibility state and thus now you can finally finish her off for good! You can now activate the nearby Yellow Orb Crystal and let Mayrina out of the cage. This should grant you the good ending to this said quest.

UPDATE 1: If you do manage to trigger a fight against Auntie Ethel with Mayrina trapped in a cage. Make sure to dowse any fire that may appear on Mayrina’s cage, otherwise the fire will burn the cage and Mayrina will fall to her death. You can either do this by throwing a water bottle at the cage, using any water elemental spells or activating the Yellow Orb mechanism

UPDATE 2: Detect Invisibility is a See Invisibility spell that can be obtained from having reached Level 2 of the Divination school. The following classes can obtain it Bard, Sorcerer and/or Wizard. Also, any AEO damage spell will work in order to lure Auntie Ethel out of her invisibility, not just Faerie Fire. Also, an invisibility spell is not required as long as you have an AOE damage ability and start attacking areas on the wooden bridge in order to bring Auntie Ethel out of her invisibility. Obviously an invisibility ability will help you in terms of firing at random spots within the bridge.


  • Mayrina’s Locket – (Story related item)
  • Gold
  • Coreilon’s Grace (Two-Handed Melee Weapon (Staff). Topple Action Received. Unhampered Resistance. 1D6 Bludgeoning) – Obtained by defeating Auntie Ethel
  • Staff of Crones (Needed for Wizard of Waterdeep and the Gale companion quest. It is located within the Acrid Workshop. A room that can be reached after the Auntie Ethel encounter)


+ Question Auntie Ethel.

Two brothers said that their sister Mayrina is being held against her will at Ethel’s house, something that the old woman denied

After Auntie Ethel vanished, two brothers set off after her – determined to find their sister Mayrina. Something isn’t right here.

We found the two brothers dead. They clearly died in pain.

We saw through the illusion that hid the area, revealing a stinking, nightmarish place.

We discovered a distressed pregnant woman in the company of Auntie Ethel. What is she doing here?

When we told Mayrina her brothers were dead, she was devastated. Ethel wasn’t very pleased either.

+ Rescue Mayrina

Auntie Ethel waved her hand and Mayrina vanished. What happened to her?

Auntie Ethel, the Green Hag, disappeared through her Fireplace. If we follow her, perhaps we will find Mayrina.

The Fireplace revealed a hidden passage under Auntie Ethel’s home – leading to a dark, twisted lair.


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