Baldur’s Gate 3 – The Wizard Of Waterdeep (Gale / Companion Side Quest) Guide

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As expected with any typical RPG game these days, Baldur’s Gate 3 also comes with a ton of optional side quests that you can try and complete.

One of these side quests is The Wizard Of Waterdeep which is available whilst exploring the Camp, the quest itself can be obtained whilst on Act 1 / Chapter 1. This side quest is also a companion quest for the character Gale.

It will involve giving various different Artifacts to Gale.

(NOTE: The game is only available in Early Access at present. I will update when necessary)



ALL Gale Artefact Locations

  • ACT (CHAPTER) UNLOCKED: Act 1 (Chapter 1)


  • After travelling with your companion Gale for a certain period of time, head back to Camp and go ahead and speak to him. If enough time has passed Gale will tell you about certain artefacts and a sacrifice
  • Then head to The Risen Road (Top left section of the map) x: 92 y: 577
  • Speak to the dwarf Rurik, who seems to of been busy dealing with the local monstrosities
  • Then head inside the building behind him and speak to Anders. This quest will clash with the quest Hunt The Devil
  • Pick whichever dialogue option you want depending on your play style. However, choosing the I’ll Kill The Devil option will warrant Lae’zel – Approves, Astarion – Approves, Shadowheart – Disapproves
  • The Devil will be marked on your map, head there and meet up with Karlach
  • Now you have a choice, you can either befriend Anders and kill Karlach in turn he will give you the Sword Of Justice. Or befriend Karlach and kill Anders in order to receive the Sword of Justice on his body. Also, if you are feeling even more evil you can kill them both too if you wanted, as long as we get that Sword of Justice. Sword of Justice obtained
  • We now need to travel to the Putrid Bog (Bottom left section of the map) This section actually clashes with the Save Mayrina side quest
  • Whilst here we want to head to the Teahouse (x: -36 y: 272)
  • Inside the Teahouse inspect the Fireplace in order to reach the set of stairs behind it and into the Overgrown Tunnel
  • Head to the coordinates x: -305 y: 588 and take one of the Whispering Mask off the floor and equip it (A mask may of already placed itself in your inventory, if not pick one up). Equip a Whispering Mask
  • These Masks help you get to locations you otherwise wouldn’t so they are quite important to keep on hand. With a mask on head through the nearby wall here (The wall with green lights on)
  • Now head to the coordinates (x:-345 y:563) and use the Jump ability to get past the Waterfall here
  • This room will be full of poisonous gas, so be careful. Anyway we will now want to use the nearby ladders and continue to descend to the lower levels
  • When you reach the very bottom, use the Jump ability in order to get past the Gas that is blocking the path
  • You will need to use the Jump ability twice here in order to get around the Gas, our objective is to get to the North of the Gas and to coordinates x: -386 y: 562. So Jump one should be to the West of the Gas and then Jump two should be to the North of the Gas. This will allow us to pass straight through it
  • Here is where Mayrina will or would have been during the Save Mayrina side quest
  • This next section is known to be a bit buggy, so make sure to SAVE!
  • Your goal now is to quietly make your way down (keeping to the right side at all times) you can ignore Mayrina if you choose to for now.
  • Keeping to the right you should come across a closed door, ignore this for now too. However, next to it there will be a Sylvan Stone, this may come in useful for later
  • Now continue through the door which is next to the Stone and the one I told you to ignore just now. Acrid Workshop
  • Keep following the path and you will come to a Staff that is pulsing with magic
  • Here you can find the Staff of Crones
  • At this point you will now want to go ahead and speak to Gale once again. Give him the artifacts. Gale – Approves


+ Continue Travelling With Gale –

A wizard named Gale joined the party. He claims to have been on the Nautiloid – which means he’s infected too

We gave another artifact to Gale. He says that should be enough – for now.

+ Find Magic Items For Gale –

Gale told us he needed to consume the Weave of powerful magic items – or a great catastrophe would occur

The Sword of Justice has enough Weave for Gale to consume

The Staff of Crones is powerful – there’s enough Weave in it to interest Gale


A full collection of Artifacts is listed below. Follow the links and video for guidance.

(A lot of the artefacts can be got as rewards for completing quests and/or found during the quest itself)


+ Auntie Ethel / Save Mayrina (Staff Of Crones):

+ Idol of Silvanus (Sacred Idol):

+ Amulet Of Selune’s Chosen

+ Necromancy Of Thay:

+ Iron Flask:

+ Sword Of Justice:

+ Shadow Of Menzoberranzan:


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