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The Wizard of Waterdeep is one of the many Baldur’s Gate 3 companion side quests. These companion quests teach us more about our party. From their personality and even history. Further expanding on the character immersion and overall bonding.

This specific side quest will actually be given to you from Gale, your friendly neighbourhood nerd- I mean Wizard who may or may not have tried to do what he shouldn’t. His quest holds a much darker past full of love, lust and power. One that also has the potential to destroy the world.

There are many items which can help in this quest. Let me know in the comments if I miss any.

(Note: This specific guide covers act 1 of Baldurs Gate 3. You cannot complete this side quest entirely as it features several different additional quests. With the next one and the continuation being Balthazar’s Experiment. Which begins in act 2)


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Unlock the quest by adding Gale to your party. You can easily recruit him by exploring the Ravaged Beach after the ship crash. Simply follow the path, he is one who you will bump into automatically.

Continue your adventures through the game, as normal, then after a while return back to the camp. Our handsome wizard will tell you that in order to not destroy the world he needs to eat the power of powerful magical items. Your quest, should you choose to accept it, is to find those items for him. This begins The Wizard of Waterdeep quest.

Speaking to Gale regarding The Wizard of Waterdeep
The handsome Gale


Gale will need to consume 2 of any of these magical items. Obviously, after he has consumed it, the magic item will no longer be useable so I will list the abilities of the magic items as well as where to find them so you can carefully consider which you are willing to sacrifice for him.

1 – Amulet of Selune’s Chosen

In The Goblin camp at Shattered Sanctum. You’ll find the amulet in a chest, behind the throne and up the stairs.

EFFECT: Selune’s Dream: A creature you touch regains 1d8-1 hit points but potentially falls into slumber.

2 – The Necromancy of Thay

You’ll find this book in the Blighted village during the Search the Cellar quest. It will be on an altar.

You can use this book for Gale but Astarion also has an interest in it. If you give it to one of them you will gain approval with one and disapproval with the other, you will also not be able to undo your decision once you have given it to one of them.

EFFECT: If you keep the book and obtain the dark amethyst you can open the book and read it yourself. This requires 3 wisdom checks but if you pass them, you will gain the ‘Forbidden Knowledge’ passive which gives a permanent +1 to wisdom.

3 – Idol of Silvanus

You can get this item from the ‘Steal the Sacred Idol’ quest you get from a Tiefling child called Mol. This is a rather dangerous quest as if you get caught it could literally start a war.

EFFECT: It seems it once had an effect in early access but not anymore. However it can be traded to Mol for a Ring of Protection which gives +1 to Amour class and saving throws. It is possible to pickpocket it back from Mol if you want both.


To get this item you will need to complete the ‘Hunt the Devil’ quest. Which is over at The Risen Road and can be activated by speaking with the paladin, Anders. Don’t let the need for the sword make the quest’s choice for you, you can obtain it no matter which you choose. Just remember to loot your fallen prey.

EFFECT: The Sword opf Justice is a two-handed weapon that does 2d6+1 slashing damage. The user also gains the Tyr’s protection spell, a concentration spell that increases the target’s armour class by 2. The Cleave action to hit up to three enemies with one attack. The Pommel Strike bonus action to inflict daze and the Lacerate action to deal damage and give a chance to inflict bleeding.

The ‘Hunt the Devil’ side quest location


You will find this item during the ‘Find the missing shipment’ quest. In fact it is in said shipment.

EFFECT: Releases a hostile Spector. Probably best not to use…


Can be found in a treasure room in the Sunlit Wetlands. Simply complete the Save Mayrina quest. During this particular quest we will meet up with Auntie Ethel before reaching the basement of her house, which is known simply as the Teahouse (x: -36 y: 272). This will require equipping a Whispering Mask. Then jumping around sections of the floor that is filled with poisonous gas.

After saving Mayrina we can locate a Sylvan Stone by the entrance to the Acrid Workshop. From there proceed and enter the workshop to find the actual Staff of Crones.

Jumping over the poisonous gas floor during the Save Mayrina quest.
Here we can also find the Sylvan Stone

EFFECT: As a one-handed weapon it does 1d6 bludgeoning damage and a two-handed weapon is does 1d8 bludgeoning damage. It also grants the ability to cast Ray of Sickness which can inflict 2d8 poison damage on a foe and in the main hand it grants the action topple which can knock an enemy prone.

7 – Shadow of Menzoberranzan

You’ll find this item in the Underdark. You can loot it off a pale corpse in the Myconid Colony.

EFFECT: Requiring proficiency in light armour it grants the concentration spell shrouded in shadow. It can be used once per long rest and makes the caster invisible until they perform another action or take damage.

8 – Disintegrating Night Walkers

These boots can be looted from True Soul Nere at Grymforge.

EFFECT: Wearer cannot be Enwebbed, Entangled or Ensnared or slip on grease or ice. You also gain access to the bonus action spell Misty Step that allows you to teleport to an unoccupied space you can see.


By collecting these magical items and completing The Wizard of Waterdeep quest, or at least the first half anyway. We will continue to build a stronger relationship with Gale. Increasing our chances of unlocking the romance option.

Strangely enough the way to unlock Gale’s second companion quest is for him to die. When he does a hologram version of himself in order to give you instructions on how to resurrect him. This will relate to the ‘In case of death…’ quest.

There is a good chance that you will unlock this one before or even during the hunt for those much needed magical items. It, unlike the actual ‘Wizard of Waterdeep’ quest, is more basic and requires minimal effort.


+ Continue Travelling With Gale –

A wizard named Gale joined the party. He claims to have been on the Nautiloid – which means he’s infected too

We gave another artifact to Gale. He says that should be enough – for now.

+ Find Magic Items For Gale –

Gale told us he needed to consume the Weave of powerful magic items – or a great catastrophe would occur

The Sword of Justice has enough Weave for Gale to consume

The Staff of Crones is powerful – there’s enough Weave in it to interest Gale

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