Resident Evil Village – All Weapon Locations (How To Unlock) Guide

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Resident Evil Village comes with a ton of different weapons to choose from and annihilate your enemies with, thankfully quite a few of which are given to you automatically but some others may require a bit more work in order to find or unlock

Below is a quick guide on how to get and unlock them all! There is a total of 18 different weapons altogether to find and have fun with!


  • #1
  • WEAPON: Knife
  • UNLOCKED: Automatically
  • INFO: The Knife is given to you automatically during the story, deemed unmissable.
  • #2
  • WEAPON: LEMI Handgun
  • UNLOCKED: Automatically
  • INFO: The LEMI Handgun is given to you automatically during the story, deemed unmissable.
  • #3
  • WEAPON: M1897 Shotgun
  • UNLOCKED: The Village (East Old Town)
  • INFO: During your first visit to the Village East Old Town head right from the building with the fire on it’s roof and keep following the blood. The blood will eventually take you to a set of stairs, climb them. The M1897 Shotgun is in here sitting on the table.
  • #4
  • WEAPON: F2 Rifle
  • UNLOCKED: Castle Dimitrescu (After completing Bell Puzzle)
  • INFO: Head to the Castle Attic, the F2 Rifle can be found up here in the back room.
  • #5
  • WEAPON: M1911 Handgun
  • UNLOCKED: The Village
  • STORY POINT: Find the house with the red chimney
  • INFO: Enter the Do Not Enter gate and then enter the building on the left. This building should contain a Safe Locker, open the Safe Locker in order to obtain this weapon.
  • #6
  • WEAPON: W870 TAC Shotgun
  • UNLOCKED: The Village (Garden)
  • STORY POINT: Collect Rose 2/4
  • INFO: In Beneviento Garden, head into the building on the left. The W870 TAC Shotgun can be found by the window.
  • #7
  • WEAPON: GM79 Grenade Launcher
  • UNLOCKED: The Village (On the way to Moreau)
  • STORY POINT: Collect Rose 2/4
  • INFO: Heading South from the Village Altar and towards Moreau, head down the dirt track here and immediately make a U-Turn. Then enter the building on the left using the Iron Insignia Key. You can find the GM79 Grenade Launcher in here
  • #8
  • WEAPON: M1851 Wolfsbane
  • UNLOCKED: Moreau
  • STORY POINT: Head to the Stronghold
  • INFO: As you come to the end of Moreau and begin preparations for The Stronghold, you will come to 3 buildings. Head around the back of the building to the far left (as seen above), there should be a hole in the wall, climb through it. The Treasure Chest in here carries the M1851 Wolfsbane
  • #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15
  • WEAPON: WCX, Karambit Knife, USM-AI, Dragoon, Handcannon PZ, Rocket Pistol, LZ Answerer
  • UNLOCKED: ‘Bonus Menu’
  • INFO: In order to unlock these weapons you will need to first off complete the story, then head to the Main Menu. At the Main Menu look for the Bonuses > Extra Content they all require CP or special requirements to unlock, see more here
  • #16, #17, #18
  • WEAPON: V61 Custom, SYG-12, S.T.A.K.E
  • UNLOCKED: New Game+ (Merchant)
  • INFO: You can purchase these weapons at the Merchant on New Game+. They sell between 120000 – 300000 Lei


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