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This page will be mainly focusing on the various companion character and party outcome dialogue that occurs during the Astarion Reveals His History With Cazador

The dialogue will include everything that is presented as a dialogue option, this also includes dialogue that occurs when you fail and win a die/dice roll too.

The page is currently done with only the Early Access currently being available, thus everything is subject to change. I will however, change this page to properly match the dialogue scene when the full version is released. For now enjoy what is said during the particular Early Access patch.

For this page I also decided to include the background behind Astarion and how he turned into a Vampire, plus all of the various character reactions to certain choices

Anyway let us begin!

(NOTE: This was all taken from the Early Access phase of the game)

You can check out my other pages on the various companion and party dialogue below


  • SCENE DIALOGUE: Astarion Reveals His History With Cazador
  • HOW TO UNLOCK: Unlock the second Illithid Dream, then proceed to talk to Astarion TWICE



  • ASTARION: I suppose you want to hear about Cazador
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 1A): You said he was your master?
  • ASTARION (REPLY 1A): My old master. Before the mind flayers took me from him. Before this strange, twisted freedom. Cazador Szarr is a vampire lord in Baldur’s Gate. The patriarch of his coven and a monster obsessed with power. Not political power or military power – I mean power over people. The power to control them completely.
  • He turned me nearly two hundred years ago. I became his spawn and he became my tormentor.
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 1B): So you were his slave?
  • ASTARION (REPLY 1B): A vampire’s spawn is less than a slave. They’re a puppet. We have no choice but to obey our master’s commands. They speak and our bodies react – it’s all part of the deal. Sometimes he’d order us to submit torture. Sometimes he’d have us torture ourselves. Whatever his weathervane mood settled on.
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 1C): That sounds terrible. I’m so sorry.
  • ASTARION (REPLY 1C): Thank you, but this isn’t about sympathy. It’s about knowing what we might be up against. The mind flayers aren’t the only monsters out there. And they might not be the only ones hunting us.
  • All I’m asking is that you keep your eyes open. And watch out for anything lurking in the shadows.
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 1D): I’ll watch your back, don’t worry.
  • ASTARION (REPLY 1D): What more could I ask? Now, is that all? (Astarion Approval)
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 2B): How were you turned? Did he attack you?
  • ASTARION (REPLY 2B): Not him, no. A gang of thugs attacked me, angry about a ruling that I’d handed down as magistrate. They beat me to death’s door when Cazador appeared. He chased them off and offered to save me. To give me eternal life. Given that my choices were ‘eternal life’ or ‘bleed to death on the street’, I took him up on the offer. It was only afterwards I realised just how long ‘eternity’ could be.
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 2E): Not a good master, I take it?
  • ASTARION (REPLY 2E): He had me go out into Baldur’s Gate to fetch him the most beautiful souls I could find. It was a fun little ritual of his. I’d bring them back and he’d ask if I wanted to dine with him. And if I said yes, he’d serve me a dead, putrid rat. Of course if I said no, he’d have me flayed. Hard to say which is worse.
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 2C): You are free now. Enjoy that freedom.
  • ASTARION (REPLY 2C): I will, but I wont take it for granted.
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 3D): Oh no, my friend. If vampires come looking for you, you’re on your own.
  • ASTARION (REPLY 3D): If you think they’ll take me and spare you, you haven’t been listening. But at least we know where we all stand. (Astarion Disapproval)


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