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Jack Krauser has quite a few bits of interesting voice lines and dialogue quotes. A lot of which shows his previous life as a member of the United States Army. Who, up until recently, managed to run a number of successful operations.

Unfortunately, during one of his operations, known as Operation Javier, the plan and his run of successful operations came to an end. The ongoing t-virus had spread and was causing chaos. It was also during this incident where Krauser tragically injured his left arm. A lot of this is reflected in Jack Krauser’s dialogue within the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake. As well as being playable in the 2009 title, Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles.


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Krauser also seems to have a bit of a habit in calling the main protagonist of the Resident Evil 4 Remake, Leon Kennedy, a rookie. This dialogue is often mentioned. Quite a lot in fact. This is another reference to Operation Javier. Where Leon was selected to be Krauser’s partner. Got it rookie?

For those interested the events of Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles and Operation Javier takes place during the year 2002. Whilst the events of Resident Evil 4 took place during 2004. So there was at least a two year gap in between.


Once a loyal member of the United States Army and due to and since his past trauma he has never quite been the same individual. Always hell bent on getting some kind of revenge. This now turns him from being a once partner of Leon to now being a rival.

In the Resident Evil 4 Remake or (R4R) as some fans are now calling it. Krauser is a boss fight that the player will come across on multiple different occasions. Starting with chapter 11. Which will result in a knife combat fight against him.

Krauser always believed himself to be a professional when it came to using the knife. He much preferred it over the typical firearm. As is shown during another set of quotes during the game.

Every time I look at the character of Jack Krauser I am forever reminded of two different characters. Both villains and both rather popular amongst fans. His appearances reminds me of both Albert Wesker and Revolver Ocelot. Mainly due to his military background and red beret that he is always seen wearing. Funnily enough Krauser has blonde short hair just like Albert Wesker and is a loyal supporter of such antagonist. Often completing various errands and seeking his approval.

His respect for Albert Wesker is, unfortunately, not shown in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. However, in the original, it was Wesker that sent Krauser to the Ganados’ Island. Where he was tasked to infiltrate the cult group, Los Iluminados. He is the very reason Leon managed to meet up with him once again.

These events may come to some form of light if the Resident Evil 4 Remake ever gets any downloadable content. Such as Separate Ways or Assignment Ada but at present there has been no mention of such a release.


Meeting Up With Leon After The Events Of Operation JavierLong time no see, rookie.
On a missable tape recorderYou’ve done well to make it this far, rookie. I’ve prepared a battlefield up ahead, just for us soldiers
During the second fight against KrauserYou remember the fight in the jungle? We barely made it out alive
When Krauser catches Leon off guardSloppy!
After Leon takes damage from an explosive arrowDo you like these arrows?
When Leon talks about Krauser’s armOpening a new wound is the best way to forget an old one.


In the (R4R) Resident Evil 4 Remake Leon will come across Krauser on two occasions in total. Once during chapter 11 and the final occurrence taking place during chapter 13. Both times will see the two characters pairing up against each other in combat.

The first fight sees Leon fighting Krauser in a knife-only fight. In order to win this one you will need to perfect your ability to parry attacks. Which is an ability that we learn during chapter 2, after Leon gets kidnapped and looses his equipment. It is essentially the L1 button on the controller or the space bar, if you are playing on PC.

This fight is the only one in the entire game that limits you to using only a knife. It is to reflect that kind of character that Krauser is.


In the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake the character of Jack Krauser is voiced by Mike Kovac. Whilst in the original the character was voiced by Jim Ward.


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