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Ramon Salazar is quite a feisty individual that is often full of mystery and chaos. His voice lines and dialogue are also interesting. Though, to be fair, he doesn’t have too many and only appears half way through the main story.


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The character of Ramon Salazar is an interesting one. For one he was a Spanish nobleman that grew up in the mountainous region of Valdelobos. Otherwise known as the ‘Valley of Wolves’.

However, during the 21st century Ramon Salazar left his Catholic faith behind in order to convert to the Los Iluminados. Which is a cult that is led by Osmand Saddler.

Here Salazar had access to both bioweapons and research regarding the Las Plagas virus. Both of which interested him.

As is seen during some of his dialogue or voice lines Ramon despised his father. He also claims that the main protagonist, Leon Kennedy, reminded him of his father and made him even more violent.

Interestingly enough, Ramon Salazar was not very popular amongst the villagers and so Osmund Saddler took him in. In doing so he took advantage of the Spaniards weak and frail state.


When Leon and Salazar meet for the first timeSuch a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance, Mr. Kennedy
Salazar taunting Leon after Ashley gets kidnappedOh, Mr. Kennedy. Not much of a knight, are you?
When you reach the clocktowerYou are nothing if not unyielding, Mr. Kennedy
When Leon is defeated during combatI thoroughly enjoyed your third-rate performance. Mr. Kennedy
During combatMr. Kennedy. You share a manner of resemblance to my papa. He was a foolish, incapable man! Who contended himself with the adoration of worms!


Despite his stature resembling that of a ten-year-old and his grey hair giving him the opposite affect of looking like an old man. The character of Ramon Salazar is only 20 years old. Thus this would mean that he managed to inherit the castle at a relatively young age.


Did Ramon Salazar always look like an old man? Well, in truth, no. No he did not. In fact before he decided to join the ranks of the Los Iluminados he very much looked like a normal individual. One that suited his actual age. It was not until he decided to inject himself with the Plaga parasite, did his appearance end up changing. Thus the Ramon Salazar we see now is the result of the Las Plagas virus.


Ramon Salazar first appears in the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake during chapter 7. When both Leon and Ashley finally make their way to the castle. Which is owned by Ramon Salzar.

Up until chapter 12, Salazar will make brief appearances and comments until the boss fight against him begins!

The fight against Ramon Salazar can be a tough one as he is fast and has tentacles that can reach long distances. Not only that but he can also use projectile attacks too, with a black liquid substance that can also cause damage.

If the projectile attacks fail to hit their mark then they will form a giant puddle on the ground. Creating a sort of mine field that will explode if Leon gets too close.

One way to deal with this fight is to bring either a Rocket Launcher or a Golden Egg. You purchase the former from the Merchant and you can find the Golden Egg in either the castle’s Throne Room or by doing the Egg Hunt request. Where they are usually dropped by the various chickens that roam the area.

With a Rocket Launcher Ramon Salazar will be defeated in one single hit. Whilst a Golden Egg has the ability to skip an entire phase of the fight.

Though, I guess by doing any of that you are, perhaps, taking the easy way out. As Ramon Salazar has the ability to move fast and traverse across the entire room it is difficult to avoid him. Just try to aim your attacks at him, when he appears and reveals himself.


In the 2023 (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake the character of Ramon Salazar is voiced by Marcio Moreno. Who is perhaps more known for brief cameo appearances in various television shows.

Whilst in the original, 2005 version of Resident Evil 4, the character was voiced by Rene Mujica. Who has voiced characters such as Void Spirit in DOTA 2 and Juan Mendoza in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood.


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