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The Merchant is a simple character and yet one that is also popular and has managed to resonate amongst fans ever since the original (RE4) Resident Evil 4 title launched back in 2005. He is a man with very little words but one that is rather important too.

Should one wish to survive the horrors of Resident Evil 4 then they may want to seek him out.


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The Merchant as he often gets called and known as is a character that players will inevitably encounter during their adventures through Resident Evil 4. Particularly when they reach the starting section of chapter 2.

During chapter 2 players will encounter a man behind a gate wearing a purple robe. This is the Merchant and he serves a very important role. As his name suggests this delightful individual sells all kind of inventory stock. From weapons and upgrades.

In fact whenever you manage to complete one of the elusive blue note side quests, you will then be forced to speak with him in order to complete the quest and reap your rewards.


Greeting the MerchantGot some new wares, stranger. You’re in for a treat.
When you attempt to purchase goods but cannot afford toWithout the necessary funds, I’m afraid we don’t have a deal!
Attempting to upgrade weaponIf you want a fightin’ chance out there, you best tune your kit!
Purchasing goods that do not fit into our inventoryLet us know when you’ve made some room
When purchasing a First Aid SprayI don’t always have this in stock, stranger.
This occurs during the last chapter of the game. As a warning that you cannot turn back. Might want to take care of any leftover errands before going this way. Be a shame to live the rest of your life wondering ”what if” – am I right?


At first I was very unsure on the remake version of the Merchant. He does have a different voice actor this time compared to the original version. I instantly noticed this when I first encountered the character.

As a huge fan of the original I was a little taken back and unsure. I, at first, was not even going to bother making dialogue and compiling a video together for this character.

I think what ended up changing my mind was that the Merchant appears in so many chapters and you WILL encounter him. There is no escaping his purple robe. That I eventually found myself getting used to him being around. Thus, in turn, I also managed to get used to his new voice.

Also, many dialogue and quotes that the Merchant mentions gets reused. By that I simply mean that a lot of his voice lines that he used in the remake are also used in the original. His preferred name for the main protagonist, Leon, is still very much the same and so too is some of the greetings too.


Just like with the character Jack Krauser, the character of Merchant also have a reoccurring word. Both of which are used to address the main protagonist, Leon Kennedy. Whilst Jack Krauser likes to call Leon a rookie, the Merchant likes to refer to him as ‘stranger’.

Let us be honest, in the eyes of our beloved purple vendor, Leon is a stranger. Neither of them know each other. They are not technically friends. It was pure coincidence that they even bumped into each other. Who knows if ‘Merchant’ is even our vendors real name? It is never really confirmed to be anything else.

The Merchant simply gets used to help Leon by carrying goods for him to purchase in order to survive his adventures. Whilst making some quick money on the side.

I’ll admit he does say the word ‘stranger’ a lot.


In the 2023 (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake, the character of Merchant is voiced by Michael Adamthwaite. Who is mostly known for his role as No Name in the 2008 Sword of the Stranger movie.

In the original 2005 version of Resident Evil 4, it was a man named Paul Mercier who voiced the character. Interestingly enough at the same time he also voiced the main protagonist too, Leon Kennedy. He has since been the man behind Leon Kennedy in both the 2008 movie, Resident Evil Degeneration and the 2009 title, Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles.


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