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If you want to progress through Act 2 of Baldurs Gate 3, you will need to infiltrate Moonrise Towers. In this guide, we’ll give you a detailed walkthrough of how you can complete this quest first time, without any difficulty. So, let’s take a look, shall we?


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Head to Moonrise Towers

Infiltrate Moonrise Towers follows on from the previous quest, the Underdark route to Moonrise Towers. You should find yourself at the Grymforge Elevator. Head up the left set of stairs. If you have Gale in your party, you will get sidetracked talking to Elminster. This interaction essentially marks the end of his life, but talking to Gale will reveal that he’s still willing to go through with the mission.

After this interaction, head to the door leading to the Shadow-Cursed Lands. Before you go through the door, make sure to stock up on torches and save your game, as literally anything can happen in the Shadow-Cursed Lands!

Enter the Shadow-Cursed Lands

As you enter the Shadow-Cursed lands, you and your party will be able to feel the Shadow curse and its overwhelming darkness. However, if you’re playing with Shadowheart, she will explain that she doesn’t feel the effect of the curse so much. This is an important dialogue that can have major effects in later quests such as Defeat Katheric Thorm.

Keep walking down the Westward path. Eventually, you will cross a bridge made of tree roots. As you cross, a group led by Harper Lassandra will approach you. After a brief interaction, you will end up teaming up with Lassandra to take on a group of shadow creatures. To make this battle easier, stay near a light source to keep the Shadow Curse at bay. 

After this battle, keep heading west. You will encounter another bridge, with another group waiting for you. As you approach, it’ll be revealed that this is actually the location of the Last Light Inn, and the unknown group is another party of Harpers. They will be suspicious of you at first, but you should be able to calm them down fairly easily, especially if you were able to keep any of the Harpers alive in the previous battle.

Head to the Inn

Once you persuade the Harpers to trust you, you will be granted access to the Last Light Inn. Once inside, take the opportunity to heal your team and restock on any items you need.

During your time at the inn, you will also be greeted by Jaheira. She will offer you a glass of wine, but you should avoid this as it has a truth serum inside. After an extended dialogue, you will learn that Katheric Thorm is in the Shadow-Cursed lands as is apparently undefeatable. She’ll then explain that she wants to take him down, and needs your assistance to infiltrate Moonrise Towers. 

Before you leave, head up to the top floor of the Inn and meet Isobel, who will try to place a spell on you to protect you from the Curse. However, as you talk to her, you will be interrupted by Marcus, a brainwashed member of the Absolutists. Taking him down is tricky, but with the harpers on your side, you should be able to kill him with minimal casualties.

Before you leave the inn, a harper will tell you that their plan to infiltrate Moonrise Towers involves ambushing a group of Cultists. From here, you should head to the ambush point and get ready for the upcoming fight. 

The fight will be tricky, but if you take out Kar’niss first, you should be able to kill the rest of the Cultists fairly easily. The harpers will also give you some much-needed support to make the battle a little more manageable.

After winning the battle, pick up Kar’niss’ moon lantern. You’ll notice that there’s a Pixie within this lantern called Dolly Dolly Dolly. As you look at her, she’ll beg you to let her out. Letting her out is the best option, as she’ll give you a blessing against the Shadow Curse. 

Infiltrate Moonrise Towers

From here, it’s time to head southwest toward Moonrise Towers. After crossing the Troll house, you’ll reach a waypoint. Your party will also notice that the Asbolute’s power feels much stronger here.

After reaching the waypoint, two Zealot guards will stop you. Your aim is to infiltrate Moonrise Towers, so pick dialogue options that don’t arouse suspicion, and you should pass without a hiccup.

After conversing for a while, the guards will explain that Ketheric’s advisor is occupied and Z’rell is currently in charge. Press on to the audience chamber to meet him.

A cut scene will ensue, in which Goblins are punished for not finding the artifact that Ketheric is looking for. You will then be given the option to save or kill the goblins, but it doesn’t really matter which option you choose.

After this, you’ll finally be able to meet with Z’rell. Your goal is to convince him that you are loyal to the Absolute. After passing this test, Z’rell will give you the task of finding a relic in Thorm’s mausoleum. Z’rell will give you Balthazar’s room key so you can pick up a moon lantern.

Search Balthazar’s room thoroughly. You will find plenty of high-quality loot. After doing this, leave Moonrise Towers and begin your quest to find the relic.

Find The Relic 

Make your way to Thorm’s mausoleum to continue with the Infiltrate Moonrise Towers Quest. You should run into Arabella, who you can choose to save. After dealing with this, walk through the graveyard. You will encounter another individual- Raphael. If you roll well, he will tell you that there’s a monster waiting ahead that he’d like you to kill. You can choose whether or not to help him.

As you enter the mausoleum, you’ll find a mural of Ketheric Thorm. Interacting with it will bring up a puzzle you need to solve. After solving this, get on the elevator in front of you. This will take you to the next quest.

Infiltrate Moonrise Towers – Final Thoughts

Ultimately, infiltrate Moonrise Towers is one of the best missions in the game, from a story perspective. And as long as you’re always ready for a fight, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting through the quest. 

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