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If you’re struggling to complete the “Find a Cure” quest in Baldurs Gate 3, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will detail exactly how to get through this quest, so you can keep pressing on with the story in no time!


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Find a Cure – Opening Sequence

Find a Cure picks up following the aftermath of the Naitloid Crash that occurred in the Escape the Nautiloid quest. The entire storyline involves you and your party trying to find a cure to get rid of the tadpoles in your head before you turn into a Mind Flayer. You will wake up on a beach called the Ravaged Beach, surrounded by debris and corpses.

When you wake up, you should head north immediately, making sure to loot any corpses and barrels that you may see along the way. 

How Find a Cure Plays Out Depends On Whether You Saved Shadowheart

The next part of the story will change depending on whether you saved Shadowheart, which is an optional side mission in the Escape the Nautiloid Quest.

If you did choose to save her, you will find Shadowheart unconscious on the beach. When she wakes up, you’ll be able to recruit her to your party. She will also tell you where Lae’zel is. It’s recommended that you accept her offer, as Shadowheart is a very powerful companion, especially in the earlier stages of the game.

Keep heading north with Shadowheart until you see a small pier, which has a bunch of loot inside. Once you’ve looted this place, stick on the Northbound path. You should come across a locked door. You can pick this lock using a pair of thieves’ tools.

If you didn’t choose to save Shadowheart, you won’t come across her until you arrive at the locked wooden door. She will give you the option of recruiting her again, and it’s recommended that you accept this. Recruiting her does mean that you will need to complete the ‘Explore the Ruins’ side quest, but this detour is worth it as Shadowheart is such a powerful ally.

No matter which path you take, the Find The Cure mission will eventually see you going through the wooden door. But, before you do this, make sure to interact with the waypoint on the cliff just next to the door. This will allow you to fast travel at a later date.

Find the Nautiloid

Once you’ve explored the ruins behind the door, it’s time to head Southwest and find the remains of the Nautiloid. On your way to the Nautiloid, you will encounter a group of hostel Devourers. They look scary, but with Shadowheart on your side, you will be able to take them out with ease.

Keep heading back, making sure to explore the ledge just southwest of the Nautiloid. This ledge always contains a dead Mind Flayer, which will carry some pretty serious loot, which will make your life so much easier, especially in the early game.

Once you’ve looted the Mind Flayer, keep heading through the ship. At some point, you will encounter an injured Mind Flayer, who will try to control your character’s thoughts. As long as you don’t give in to these thoughts, you’ll be able to press on with the Find a Cure quest without difficulty. However, it is recommended that you kill this Mind Flayer for the experience points.

Recruit Some New Companions

The next part of the Find a Cure quest focuses on padding out your team with new companions.
As you head out of the ship, you will come across an Ancient Sigil on a cliff face. Unless you’re playing as Gale, a hand should be sticking out. Pulling this hand out will allow you to unlock him, this specific companion is a very powerful Wizard. If you chose to play as Gale as your main character, you won’t be able to recruit him.

Once you’ve recruited Gale, head east until you arrive at the overgrown ruins. From here, head north until you see two Tieflings talking. As you get closer, you’ll learn that these creatures are discussing Lae’zel, who they’ve captured. This will open up Lae’zel’s side quest, and it’s definitely worth doing, as Lae’zel makes a great addition to any team. 

Doing this side quest will also open up an opportunity to find Astarion. You’ll learn that he’s in a camp to the northeast, so head this way with your crew. Once you find him, Astarion will trick you into helping him and attempt to slit your throat. You will need to overpower him with a Dexterity or Strength Check. After this, Astarion will begin asking questions about the parasites, and eventually, he’ll calm down and ask to join your party. If you have already recruited Lae’zel, Shadowheart, and Gale, he won’t be able to join your party. But, you can send him back to your camp.

Defeat the Goblin Camp

After you’ve recruited everyone you want to, keep heading northeast as per the Tiefling’s instructions. You should come across a camp. Once you arrive, an army of goblins will try to take you down, initiating your first major battle in Baldurs Gate 3. After defeating the army, the camp will allow you inside. This camp is called the Emerald Grove and it is home of the Druid.

Choose your Path to Continue Finding a Cure

Once inside, some of the members of the camp will force you to get involved in an argument. There are a few different ways of dealing with this, like attacking Aradin or persuading them to calm down. Depending on what you do, you’ll be offered a different solution on how to find a cure.
You may choose from the following choices:

Find a Cure – Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Find a Cure is a very interesting quest in Baldurs Gate 3. Make sure to use the opportunity to recruit as many new companions as you can, and choose the avenue of finding a cure that best fits your character. 

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