Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous – A Common Cause (Main Story Quest) Guide

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As with most role-playing games out there players can expect to enjoy a vast range of both main story quests as well as optional side quests as they continue through the world of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

This specific page will be focused on the A Common Cause (Main Story Quest)

  • QUEST NAME: A Common Cause
  • QUEST TYPE: Main Story Quest
  • LOCATION: Defender’s Heart
  • QUEST GIVER: Irabeth
  • PREREQUISITE: Devoured By Darkness
  • GUIDE:
  • After completing the Devoured By Darkness quest, you will then activate this one.
  • We will now need to recruit armies for the attack on the Gray Garrison, there are several groups you can encounter and two of which is optional
  • This will also be connected to other quests too such as Feud of the Faithful. You also cannot continue the The Burning City quest until you have recruited enough teams to your cause


  • We can begin our recruitment process by heading to the Blackwing Library, which is to the West of Defender’s Heart
  • Here we will encounter a group of men, one of which is named Chaleb
  • During the conversation with him you will soon realise that they are traitors, finish them off and rescue the Storyteller behind him who has been tied up alongside other crusaders
  • RECRUITED: Knights of the Flaming Lance have joined the crusaders
  • NOTE: The Storyteller is part of the The Burning City


  • Head to the Market Square after successfully completing the The Divided City quest
  • Here head North West in order to find a bunch of tieflings trying to rescue their friend
  • If you manage to help them rescue this friend, they will then agree to join your cause. You will also receive 69XP
  • RECRUITED: Tieflings have joined the crusaders

Clerics of Desna or Prelate Hulrun’s soldiers

(This one is missed from the video)

  • If you head to the North West, you should notice a group of guards named Halrun and Ramien
  • This will lead to the Feuds of the Faithful side quest
  • This is where we have the option of recruiting one of two teams
  • RECRUITED: Clerics of Desna or Halrun’s soldiers

  • After recruiting at least 3 teams you can then continue the The Burning City quest once again, this quest will also come to an end once you do so


In troubling times, some people set aside old feuds, while others cling to them until their dying breath. As they prepare for their final attack on the Gray Garrison, the crusaders are gathering all the allies they can – even those whom the crusaders would have scorned before the city’s destruction


How many people are there still alive in the city who can hold a weapon or cast a spell? Potential allies may be found in the most unlikely of places


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