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Umbral Adept is an achievement in Lords of the Fallen (2023) that rewards players for going down the Umbral Spell route. The achievement is worth 10 points, and is actually slightly easier than the Inferno Spell achievement, Inferno Adept, and the Radiant Spell achievement, Radiant Adept, because there is 1 less spell in the Umbral pool.


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Collect All Umbral Spells

The only requirement to complete Umbral Adept is that you collect every Umbral Spell in the game. Currently, there are 19 Umbral Spells to collect, which is one less than the Inferno and Radiant spell pool. It’s unclear why there are only 19 Umbral Spells, but this actually works to your advantage if you’re achievement hunting!

After you collect every Umbral Spell, you will complete Umbral Adept and earn 10 points/a bronze trophy, depending on the console that you play on. 

What Are They?

Umbral spells are a grouping of similar spells in Lords of the Fallen. They focus on dealing holy/fire damage and giving your character holy and fire-related buffs. Umbral spells are also a little bit slower to cast than Radiant or Inferno spells but tend to be harder-hitting. 

Here is a list of all 19 Umbral Spells within Lords of the Fallen, alongside its effect:

  • Barrage of Echoes- Launches a barrage of orbs that explode upon impact.
  • Blood Harvest- Summons an Umbral Scythe that lacerates enemies.
  • Diminishing Missile- Summons a homing projectile that debuffs enemies.
  • Flesh Tide- Summons a shower of rotting body parts and fluids.
  • Graveyard Fog- Summons a mist that damages any enemy inside.
  • Grieving Gaze- Creates a rain of powerful ice shards.
  • Latimer’s Javelin- Summons a massive javelin of putrid magic.
  • Lingering Despair- Summons stationary orbs that explode upon impact. 
  • Martyrdom- Summons a damaging nail from the ground.
  • Misery Missile-Summns a homing missile that explodes upon impact.
  • Painful Echo- Summons an orb of Umbral Magic with a chain-strike effect. 
  • Umbral Orb- Summons a massive orb of Umbral magic. Beyond allowing you to complete Umbral Adept, this spell is worth collecting due to its sheer power in dealing with multiple enemies. Even if you go for a Radiant or Inferno build, this is still an awesome spell to keep with you.
  • Pestilent Blade- Summons an Umbral Rapier. 
  • Poison Weapon-Imbues your current weapon with poison.
  • Putrefaction- Summons a poisoning mist.
  • Umbral Agony- Summons a projectile full of Umbral Magic. 
  • Umbral Guardian- Summons an Umbral Guardian that attacks enemies.  
  • Umbral Slash- Summons a wave of Umbral Magic. 
  • Umbral Weapon- Imbues your weapon with Umbral Magic. 
Umbral Adept Lords of the Fallen 2023

How to Complete Umbral Adept

Here are the locations of all the spells you need to find to complete Umbral Adept:

  • Barrage of Echoes- Purchased from Molhu at Skyrest Bridge in exchange for the remembrance of the Unbroken Promise. 
  • Blood Harvest- Purchased from Molhu for 500 vigor, making this one of the easist spells to unlock for Umbral Adept.
  • Diminishing Missile- Found at the Vestige of Dieter. You’ll need to warp to the Umbral and head to the nearby Umbral Belly to find it.
  • Flesh Tide- Purchased from Molhu in exchange for the remembrance of the Congregator of Flesh. 
  • Graveyard Fog- To find this spell, head to Bramis Castle and warp into the Umbral. Walk past the Stigma and soulflay onto the platform. The spell will be next to the corpse. 
  • Grieving Gaze- Purchased from Molhu in exchange for the remembrance of the Hollow Crow.
  • Latimer’s Javelin- Purchased from Molhu in exchange for the remembrance of the Hushed Saint. 
  • Lingering Despair- Purchased from Molhu for 500 vigor.
  • Martyrdom- Purchased from Molhu in exchange for the Remembrance of the Unbroken Promise.
  • Misery Missile- Located within the Fief of the Chill Curse. 
  • Painful Echo- Purchased from Molhu for 500 vigor.
  • Umbral Orb- Purchased from Molhu for 500 vigor.
  • Pestilent Blade- Located within the Fief of the Chill Curse, in the gated area located just below the Umbral Flowerbed.
  • Poison Weapon- Purchased from Molhu after offering the Bowl of Revelations.
  • Putrefaction- Found in the Sunless Skein, down the right path as you head out from the mine. Be warned that this area will contain a lot of enemies, including a Womb of Despair, making this one of the hardest spells to unlock for Umbral Adept.
  • Umbral Agony- Purchased from Molhu.
  • Umbral Guardian- Purchased from Molhu.
  • Umbral Slash- Purchased from Molhu for 500 vigor.
  • Umbral Weapon-Purchased from Molhu.
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