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Ammunition Collector is an achievement in Lords of the Fallen (2023) that requires you to collect every ammunition type in the game. While this might sound a little daunting, the process for doing so is actually very simple, albeit a little expensive.

Ammunition Collector is worth 10 points and is required if you want to 100% complete Lords of the Fallen


Radiant Adept (Adept Spells)
Inferno Adept (Inferno Spells)
Trinket Collector (Rings & Pendants)
Orion Vow Of Protection Gesture

Collect All Ammo Types

The only requirement for completing Ammunition Collector is to collect every ammo type in the game. Currently, there are 60 different ammo types to collect. To collect each type of ammo, you will also need a ranged weapon that uses that ammo, or you won’t be able to unlock it. 

After you collect all the ammo types, you will unlock Ammunition Collector and earn 10 points/a bronze trophy as a reward. This might seem like a very small reward in comparison to the effort. However, this achievement probably won’t take you as long to unlock as you think. It’s also something you can unlock passively as you play.

What Are the Ammo Types?

To complete Ammunition Collector, you must collect 60 ammo types in total. These are:

  • Accusing Spirit
  • Banner Javelin of Assault
  • Benner Javelin of Protection
  • Basic Bolts
  • Bloody Hatchet
  • Cinder Arrows
  • Cinder Bolts
  • Corrupted Banner Javelin
  • Cursed Dart
  • Cursed Effigy
  • Empyrean Grenade
  • Enhanced Accusing Spirit
  • Enhanced Banner Javelin of Assault
  • Enhanced Banner Javelin of Protection
  • Enhanced Bloody Hatchet
  • Enhanced cursed Dart
  • Enhanced Cursed Effigy
  • Enhanced Empyrean Grenade 
  • Enhanced Fire Grenade
  • Enhanced Forcebust Parchment
  • Enhanced Forsaken Grenade
  • Enhanced Grenade 
  • Enhanced Holy Grenade
  • Enhanced Lacerating Knife
  • Enhanced Lump Hammer 
  • Enhanced Poison Javelin
  • Enhanced Poisoning Knife
  • Enhance Radiantbust Parchment
  • Enhanced Rhogar Oil Flask
  • Enhanced Short Javelin
  • Enhanced Snake Oil Grenade
  • Enhanced Umbral Burrower
  • Explosive Bolts
  • Fire Grenade 
  • Forcebust Parchment
  • Forsaken Grenade
  • Frost Arrows
  • Standard Grenade 
  • Holy Grenade
  • Lacerating Knife
  • Lump Hammer
  • Oak Arrows 
  • Poison Arrows
  • Poison Javelin
  • Poisoning Knife
  • Precision Arrows
  • Pulsing Arrows
  • Radiant Arrows
  • Radiantburst Parchment
  • Rhogar Oil Flask
  • Rived Bolts
  • Short Javelin
  • Snake Oil Grendae
  • Throwing Rock
  • Twisted Bolts
  • Umbral Burrower
  • Weighted Arrows
  • Weighted Bolts
  • Wither Arrows
  • Wither Bolts

Looking at the sheer number of ammo types on this list, the thought of completing Ammunition Collector might seem overwhelming. However, the process for completing this achievement is actually much simpler than you might think at first. Plus, when compared to other achievements like Trinket Collector, Ammunition Collector is simple!

Ammunition Collector Lords of the Fallen

How to Complete Ammunition Collector

There are two main methods for collecting ammunition in Lords of the Fallen.

Firstly, you can find ammo throughout the map by collecting ammunition Satchels. These are tiny little bags that you can find in specific areas of the map that contain random amounts of ammo for you to collect. 

Ammunition Satchels can be found all over the map, but for the purposes of completing Ammunition Collector, the easiest locations to find are:

  • Pilgrim’s Perch. Here, you can find two ammo satchels by first defeating the Scourged Sister Delyth and then taking out Gentle Gaverus.
  • Lower Calrath. walk past the Emergence Effigy and you should find a corpse holding onto a satchel.
  • Sunless Skein. Found next to the giant cogwheel. 

This option is viable. However, it will take you a long time to complete Ammunition Collector by just searching for satchels. Plus, you’re not guaranteed to find the specific ammo type(s) you’re after. Therefore, employing the second method is probably going to be more efficient. 

This method involves you simply buying ammo pouches from Stormund, Captain of the Fidelis in Skyrest. Each ammo pouch will set you back 500 vigor, which is pretty expensive. However, you’re guaranteed to get the ammo that you need for the weapon you have equipped, and it’s much more efficient than searching every corner of the map for a few ammo pouches here and there.

Ultimately, the best way to complete Ammunition Collector is to just play the game as you normally would, but make an extra effort to buy and use different ranged weapons, so you gain access to that ammo type. As you explore the map, grab any ammo satchels that you see. Otherwise, restock at Skyrest, and eventually, you’ll unlock Ammunition Collector and be that step closer to game completion!

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