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There are 63 different achievements to unlock in Lords of the Fallen (2023), and many, like Gesture Collector, involve you obtaining every single item within a specific category. Some of these kinds of achievements, like Ironclad, require you to collect literally hundreds of items in total. However, in this article, we’ll focus on something a little more manageable- Gesture Collector, which requires you to collect just 13 items. 


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Collect all Gestures

Unsurprisingly, to complete Gesture Collector, you have to collect every gesture in the game! There are currently 20 gestures for you to collect, but you do start with seven, reducing this figure to 13. 

Once you complete Gesture Collector, you will be rewarded with 20 points or a silver trophy, depending on the console that you play on.

What Are They?

Here is a list of all the gestures you will need to collect to complete Gesture Collector, as well as their in-game description:

  • Agreeing- ‘A gesture of agreement’.
  • Beckoning- ‘A gesture of invitation’.
  • Bemoaning- ‘A gesture indicating deep sorrow’.
  • Calrath Noble’s Bow- ‘A gesture of respect used by the Upper Calrath Nobility’.
  • Celebration- ‘A gesture of joy or triumph’.
  • Common Orian Prayer- ‘A reverent prayer to Orius performed by his many followers across the world’.
  • Crimson Ritual Fervour- ‘A fervent gesture in honor of Adyr and the Crimson Ritual’.
  • Dark Crusader’s Challenge- A challenge to an offender of Orius to battle to the death’. This is probably the coolest-looking gesture you can collect when completing Gesture Collector!
  • Disagreeing- ‘A gesture of disagreement’.
  • Greeting- ‘A friendly welcome’.
  • Hallowed Sentinel Prayer- ‘A prayer requesting protection and guidance from the Cleric’.
  • Halting- ‘A gesture indicating to stop’.
  • Laughter- ‘A gesture of amusement’.
  • Orian Vow of Protection- ‘A vow to protect the Orian faith and its followers’.
  • Pledge to Adyr- ‘A pledge of devotion to the exiled God Adyr’.
  • Pointing Downward- ‘A gesture often used to indicate something below’.
  • Pointing Forward- A gesture indicating direction or focus, often used to guide’.
  • Pointing Upward- A gesture often used to indicate something above’.
  • Putrid Mothers’ Embrace- ‘A ritualistic gesture indicating worship of the Putrid Mother’.
  • Surrender- ‘A gesture of defeat’.
  • Wheezing- ‘A gesture indicating fatigue’.

Using a gesture is actually really simple. Just bring up the gestures menu by pressing the View (Xbox) or Share (PS5) button. From here, all you need to do is select a gesture and click your action button to perform it. 

After you unlock a new gesture, you need to equip it via the gestures menu. You have six gesture slots in total, so pick your moves wisely!

Gesture Collector Lords of the Fallen 2023

How to Complete Gesture Collector

To collect each gesture for Gesture Collector, you’ll need to complete a bunch of different side quests, explore dangerous areas, and talk to different NPCs. The process of obtaining each singular gesture is fairly straightforward, but when you’re looking for 13 different collectibles, it can start to feel overwhelming quickly.

With that being said, here is how to collect every single gesture required for Gesture Collector:

  • Agreeing- Given to you upon starting the game.
  • Beckoning- Head to the Forsaken Fen and talk to Thehk-Ihir.
  • Bemoaning- Head to the Sunless Skein and talk to Byron.
  • Calrath Noble’s Bow- Free the Tortured Prisoner after defeating Pieta.
  • Celebration- Head to the Revelation Depths and talk with Winterberry.
  • Common Orian Prayer- Found in the Umbral, on a corpse tied to a building.
  • Crimson Ritual Fervour- Head to Fitzroy’s Gorge and interact with the Shrine of Adyr.
  • Dark Crusader’s Challenge- Head to Skyrest Bridge and talk to Exacter Dunmire.
  • Disagreeing- Received upon starting the game.
  • Greeting- Received upon starting the game. 
  • Hallowed Sentinel Prayer- Found in the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters, in the courtyard with the massive tree. This is one of the trickiest gestures to find for Gesture Collector. 
  • Halting- Found in the Fief of the Chill Curse, at the roadblock.
  • Laughter- Received upon starting the game. 
  • Orian Vow of Protection- Interact with the Shrine of Orius at Skyrest Bridge.
  • Pledge to Adyr- Found in Upper Calrath next to the huge catapult.
  • Pointing Downward- Received upon starting the game.
  • Pointing Forward- Received upon starting the game.
  • Pointing Upward- Received upon starting the game.
  • Putrid Mothers’ Embrace- Interact with the Shrine of the Putrid Mother. 
  • Surrender- Spawns randomly throughout the map. 
  • Wheezing- Obtained after talking to Drustan in Lower Calrath. 
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