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Ironclad is one of the many new achievements in the 2023 edition of Lords of the Fallen. It requires you to collect all the armor pieces in the game. While this might sound pretty easy, Ironclad is extremely difficult to complete due to the sheer number of armor sets within Lords of the Fallen. Luckily, there are a few methods that you can use to make this achievement a little more manageable.


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Collect All Armor Pieces

In order to complete Ironclad, you need to collect all armor pieces in the game. Different armor pieces protect different parts of your character, and you can find these armor pieces throughout the map, within the store, or by defeating bosses.

Once you collect all the armor pieces in Lords of the Fallen, you will unlock Ironclad and earn 50 points as a reward.

What Are They?

Armor comes in sets in Lords of the Fallen. Within a set, there are four different armor pieces, including:

  • A Helmet.
  • Chest Armor.
  • Gauntlets.
  • Leg Armor.

Currently, there are 80 different armor sets within Lords of The Fallen. That means that you will need to collect 320 different items in total to complete Ironclad, making it even more demanding than achievements such as Weapon Collector

Ironclad Lords of the Fallen

How to Find All Armor Pieces to Complete Ironclad

As you can probably tell, completing Ironclad isn’t an easy task due to the sheer number of armor sets in the game. However, when you break the achievement down into smaller chunks, it does get a little bit easier.

Starter Armor sets for Ironclad

For instance, you can actually get a full armor set simply by picking your starting class. Granted, this isn’t going to give you much progress toward Ironclad, but for an achievement this big, every small amount of progress counts.

Boss Armor Sets

Next, you can grab several full armor sets after defeating bosses. All you need to do is pick up their remembrance and trade some Umbral Sourcing for the items you need.

The following bosses drop a full armor set:

  • Pieta She of Blessed Renewal.
  • The Hushed Saint.
  • The Hollow Crow.
  • The Unbroken Promise.
  • Tancred Master of Castigations.
  • Judge Cleric the Radiant Sentinel.
  • The Lightreaper.

Other Armor Sets

Finally, you can collect virtually every other armor set in the game simply by searching around the map looking for chests, defeating mini-bosses, or just buying them from the shop. 

In terms of strategy, the best way to find every armor set around the map is to simply take your time to explore. Complete every side mission possible, never leave a mini-boss, and keep track of your progress. As you explore, you’ll also make progress towards other achievements like Weapon Collector, which is an added bonus. 

Full List of Ironclad Armor Sets

Here is a full list of all of the armor sets in Lords of the Fallen. Refer back to this list to check up on your progress for Ironclad:

  • Abbess Set
  • Abiding Defender Set
  • Andreas of Ebb’s Set
  • Angel of the Void Set
  • Antique Hallowed Sentinel Set
  • Ardent Penitent Set
  • Bones Set
  • Avowed Set
  • Blackfeather Ranger Set
  • Byron’s Set
  • Calrath Guardsman Set
  • Carrion Knight Set
  • Condemned Set
  • Conflagrant Seer Set
  • Corrupted Cleric’s Set
  • Corrupted Penitent Set
  • Corrupted Pilgrim Set
  • Crimson Rector Set
  • Cursed Set
  • Damarose’s Set
  • Descrier Guide Set
  • Despair’s Set
  • Drustan’s Set
  • Elianne the Starved’s Set
  • Enslaved Miner Set
  • Exacter Set
  • Exiled Stalker Set
  • Failed Pilgrim’s Set
  • Faithless Set
  • Fetid Sacrifice Set
  • Fitzroy’s Set
  • Hallowed Knight Set
  • Harrower Set
  • Holy Bulwark Set
  • Hushed Saint’s Set
  • Iselle’s Set
  • J’deyl Set
  • Judge Cleric’s Set
  • Kinrangr Guardian Set
  • Kinrangr Hunter Set
  • Knight of Adyr Set
  • Kukajin’s Set
  • Lightreaper’s Set
  • Lord Set
  • Marksman Set
  • Mournstead Infantry Set
  • Neophyte Set
  • Noblewoman Set
  • Orian Preacher Set
  • Overseer Set
  • Paladin Set
  • Partisan Set
  • Thorned Penitent Set
  • Pieta’s Set
  • Pilgrim Set
  • Prole Set
  • Proselyte Set
  • Pureblade Set
  • Purger Set
  • Putrid Child Set
  • Pyric Cultist Set
  • Radiant Purifier Set
  • Rapturous Huntress Set
  • Ravager Set
  • Raw Mangler Set
  • Ruiner Set
  • Sacred Resonance Set
  • Scourged Sister Set
  • Shuja Strider Set
  • Shuja Warrior Set
  • Sin-Piercer Set
  • Skinstealer Set
  • Sovereign Protector Set
  • Stomund’s Set
  • Tancred’s Set
  • The Iron Wayfarer’s Set
  • Tortured Prisoner’s Set
  • Udirangr Warwolf Set
  • Vanguard Set

After you collect all of these sets, you will unlock the Ironclad achievement.

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