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Trinket Collector is one of the most time-intensive achievements to unlock in Lords of the Fallen (2023) as it requires you to collect the best part of 100 different items. Nevertheless, if you want to 100% complete the game, you’re going to have to get past achievements like Trinket Collector. Keep reading to find out how.


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Radiant Adept (Adept Spells)
Ammunition Collector (Type of Ammo)
Putrid Mothers Embrace Gesture

Collect All Rings and Pendants

In order to complete Trinket Collector, you need to collect all the rings and pendants in the game. Currently, there are 22 pendants and 63 rings in Lords of the Fallen. So, you’re certainly going to have your work cut out for you if you want to complete this achievement! Although, it’s not quite as bad as an achievement like Ironclad.

Once you collect every ring and pendant in the game, you will unlock the Trinket Collector achievement and earn 30 points/a bronze trophy as a reward. 

What Are They?

Pendants are an accessory that you can equip to provide your character with a variety of buffs and special effects. Each pendant varies in its effectiveness, and you can only wear one pendant at a time. 

Pendants You Need to Collect to Complete Trinket Collector

Here is a list of all of the pendants in the game that you need to collect to complete Trinket Collector:

  • Cavalry Pendant 
  • Empyrean Pendant
  • Faceless carving
  • Hallowed Triptych
  • Hysteria Pendant
  • Inner Serpent Pendant
  • Miner’s Pendant
  • Paladin’s Pendant
  • Pendant of Atrophy
  • Pendant of Burden
  • Pendant Induration
  • Pendant of Infernal Oblation
  • Pendant of Parting
  • Pendant of the Blood Sun
  • Pendant Princess’ Sting
  • Relic of Perpetuation
  • Rhogar’s Delight
  • Scornful Effigy
  • Shrunken Skull Pendant
  • Shuja Harmony Hoop
  • Unbridled Focus 
  • Warrior’s Claw.

Rings are fairly similar to pendants, in the sense that they’re wearable accessories that provide your character with a number of passive bonuses. However, your character will be able to equip two rings at once, opening up some interesting synergies.

Rings You Need to Collect to Complete Trinket Collector

To complete Trinket Collector, you will need to collect the following rings:

  • Adyr’s Mark Ring
  • Adyrqamar Ring
  • Anchorite’s Ring
  • Andreas of Ebb’s Ring
  • Barrage Root
  • Berinon’s Ring
  • Blackfeather Ranger Ring
  • Bloodbane Ring
  • Bountiful Ring
  • Braided Ring
  • Bramble Ring
  • Brawn Ring
  • Charred Root
  • Cleric’s Benediction
  • Crossbowman’s Ring
  • Cursewyrm Ring
  • Dark Crusader’s Convalescence
  • Defaced Ring
  • Defiance Ring
  • Dumire’s Ring
  • Envenomed Ring
  • Executioner’s Ring
  • Glacier Ring
  • Grayson’s Ring
  • Grievous Ring
  • Holy Blood Ring
  • Impious Nohuta’s Ring
  • Lucent Sword Ring
  • Magma Ring
  • Manastone Ring
  • Melchior’s Ring
  • Mineowner’s Ring
  • Moth Ring
  • Mother’s Watch
  • Nimble Ring
  • Orian Sorcerer’s Ring
  • Panoptic Ring
  • Poacher’s Ring
  • Puissance Root
  • Queen Sophesia’s Ring
  • Queen Verena II’s Ring
  • Ring of Bones
  • Ring of Brilliant Protection
  • Ring of Duty
  • Ring of Eternal Faith
  • Ring of Gnawing
  • Ring of Infernal Devotion
  • Ring of Night’s Fire
  • Ring of Nourishment
  • Ring of Radiant Preeminence
  • Ring of Sanguine Might
  • Ring of Shelter
  • Ring of the First of the Beasts
  • Royal Council Ring
  • Saint Salonor’s Ring
  • Slonger’s Ring
  • Smouldering Ring
  • Sovereign Protector’s Ring
  • Unblinking Root
  • Verdure Ring
  • Vessel Root
  • Wildfire Ring
  • Yorke’s Ring 
Trinket Collector Lords of the Fallen 2023

How to Find the Items for Trinket Collector

There are several ways to find the items you need to collect to complete Trinket Collector.

Firstly, you can pick up a ring and a pendant just by choosing your class at the start of the game. 

Secondly, some rings and pendants are dropped by certain enemies after you defeat them. The drop rate is generally pretty low, especially for the more powerful rings. As such, it’s a good idea to pack your best gear and ‘farm’ these enemies until you get what you’re looking for. 

You can find others randomly in chests throughout the map. Yorke’s Ring, for instance, is located underneath the beacon at the Fief of the Chill Curse. Locating these pendants and rings is what is going to take up most of your time because you’ll have to intentionally stop doing any missions and go on a treasure hunt. As such, it’s a good idea to pursue this achievement alongside others like Ironclad and Weapon Collector, as this will maximize your efficiency. 

Finally, you can purchase certain rings from various shops. However, don’t expect this to be a cheap route. The Empyrean Pendant, for instance, costs 4,500 vigor! You’ll also need to progress through the game to unlock the specific merchant to buy each ring. 

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