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What Sights Contained Within is an achievement in Lords of the Fallen that requires you to collect every Umbral Eye within the game. This achievement can seem very confusing because the purpose of Umbral Eyes is never explained in Lords of the Fallen. However, the process of collecting these eyes is actually very simple, albeit long-winded. 


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Collect All Umbral Eyes

To complete What Sights Contained Within, all you need to do is collect all the Umbral Eyes within the game. Currently, there are 15 different eyes to collect. 

When you complete What Sights Contained Within, you will be rewarded with 30 points/a silver trophy.

What Are Umbral Eyes?

You might be wondering what Umbral Eyes actually are. There’s no real explanation for them within the game, and many players assume that they’re useless, and don’t bother completing What Sights Contained Within as a result.

However, Umbral Eyes are actually incredibly powerful consumables and will grant your character a plethora of different buffs. 

Currently, there are 15 different types of Umbral Eye, each with its own effects. They are:

  • Umbral Eye of Betrayed Eliard. (+1 Soulflay charge, +15% Dread Resistance)
  • Umbral Eye of Blind Agatha. (Crowd controls enemies after Soulflaying).
  • Umbral Eye of Dieter. (Damages the enemy after executing a perfect block).
  • Umbral Eye of Doln. (Slows enemies in Siphon range).
  • Umbral Eye of Ethryg. (increases item drop rate after killing an enemy with a grievous strike).
  • Umbral Eye of Hooded Antuli. (Gives you immunity to damage upon Umbral Transition).
  • Umbral Eye of Iorelo the Cursed Knight. (Increases Soulflay stun duration).
  • Umbral Eye of Loash. (Your posture cannot be broken during a heavy attack).
  • Umbral Eye of Lost Berescu. (Increases mana after siphoning an enemy). This is the rarest Umbral Eye to collect for What Sights Contained Within.
  • Umbral Eye of Lydia the Numb Witch. (Allows you to use ranged weapons without ammo in exchange for withered health).
  • Umbral Eye of Marco the Axe. (makes you feared in the Umbral Realm)
  • Umbral Eye of Olleren. (creates a soulflay area effect).
  • Umbral Eye of Rosamund. (causes perfect dodging to wither the enemy).
  • Umbral Eye of The Bloody Pilgrim. (increases light attack damage).
  • Umbral Eye of The Pale Butcher. (increases withered health after killing an enemy with a grievous strike).

All of these Umbral Eyes are incredibly powerful and can make your specific playstyle even deadlier. This makes completing What Sights Contained Within all the more worthwhile. 

What Sights Contained Within Lords of the Fallen

How to Complete What Sights Contained Within

To complete What Sights Contained Within, you will need to collect at least one of each of these different Umbral Eyes.

There is no set way to collect each eye, as they’re all found randomly throughout the map. However, the Umbral Realm does have a much better spawn rate than other areas of the map, making it the best place to farm Umbral Eyes in Lords of the Fallen. 

So your best bet is to head to the Umbral Realm and search every point of interest you come across. Just be warned that the Umbral Realm is incredibly dangerous, so you should come equipped with your best armor and weapons

Tips for Completing What Sights Contained Within 

Here are a few tips that should make completing What Sights Contained Within a little easier:

  • Head to the Umbral Realm- Most of the Umbral Eyes are hidden within the Umbral Realm. As such, it’s a good idea to farm your Umbral Eyes here.
  • Initiate the Stalker Spawn- However, when you stay in the Umbral Realm too long, a stalker called the Scarlet Shadow will come after you. As such, conventional wisdom would tell you to get out of the Umbral Realm as soon as you can. But, if you want to complete What Sights Contained Within, you should actually try to spawn the Scarlet Shadow. This is because it will almost always drop an Umbral Eye when killed.
  • Use Umbral Eyes to Your Advantage. What Sights Contained Within doesn’t require you to keep all of the Umbral Eyes, so it’s a good idea to use them to buff your character as you look for more. And considering how dangerous the Umbral Realm is, you’re going to need all the help you can get. The Umbral Eye of the Dieter and the Rosamund are great choices.
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