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Inferno Adept is an achievement in Lords of the Fallen (2023) that requires you to collect every infernal spell in the game. If you’re new to the game, you probably don’t even know what an Inferno spell is, making this achievement feel impossible! Luckily, the process for collecting these spells is actually quite simple. 


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Collect All Inferno Spells

To complete Inferno Adept, you simply need to collect every Inferno Spell within Lords of the Fallen. Currently, there are 20 spells to collect. Most of these spells are purchasable in exchange for vigor or a remembrance. Others must be found around the map. 

Once you collect all 20 spells, you will unlock Inferno Adept and earn 10 points or a bronze trophy, depending on the console that you play on. You need to unlock this achievement if you’re working toward 100% game completion. 

What Are Inferno Spells?

Inferno spells are a unique type of spell within Lords of the Fallen. They all share the same characteristics of dealing infernal damage and buffing your character’s stats using fire. 

There are 20 different Inferno Spells in Lords of the Fallen, all of which you need to collect to complete Inferno Adept. This is a much more manageable number than other achievements like Weapon Collector and Trinket Collector. 

Here is a list of all of the Inferno Spells in Lords of the Fallen, as well as its effect:

  • Adyr’s Authority- Enables you to summon the authority of Adyr, boosting your damage output.
  • Adyr’s Endurance- Increases stamina regeneration. 
  • Adyr’s Hardiness- Increases your defense and resistance.
  • Adyr’s Rage- Increases your physical damage.
  • Adyr’s Vengeance- Creates a curse that explodes an enemy when killed.
  • Cataclysm- Summons a storm of meteors.
  • Conflagration- Allows you to project fire from your hand.
  • Flame Funnel- Envelops your character in a tornado of fire.
  • Infernal Decree- Summons a rain of swords.
  • Infernal Eruption- Allows you to spray fire from your hand which creates puddles of lava.
  • Infernal Guardian- Summons an infernal guardian. 
  • Internal Hounds- Summons a pack of infernal hounds. 
  • Internal Orb- Summons a ball of fire. 
  • Infernal Slash- Summons two infernal axes. This is one of the strongest spells within the Inferno Adept achievement. 
  • Infernal Weapon- Sets your hand on fire.
  • Lava Burst- Summons a massive throwable ball of fire. 
  • Magma Surge- Summons a surge of magma from underground. 
  • Pyroclastic Stone-Summons a bouncing rock that explodes upon impact. 
  • Seismic Slam- Summons a massive hammer that strikes the ground to do AOE damage.
  • Severing Blades- Summons a pair of flame blades. 
Inferno Adept Lords of the Fallen 2023

How to Complete Inferno Adept

Here are the locations of all of the Inferno spells needed to complete Inferno Adept:

  • Adyr’s Authority- Located in Upper Calrath, in the same area where you can find the Old Mournstead Sword.
  • Adyr’s Endurance- Purchased from Damarose. 
  • Adyr’s Hardiness- Located in Pilgrim’s Perch. 
  • Adyr’s Rage- Purchased from Damarose. 
  • Adyr’s Vengeance- Purchased from Molhu at Skyrest Bridge. 
  • Cataclysm- Purchased from Damarose.
  • Conflagration- Purchased from the Tortured Prisoner at Skyrest Bridge.
  • Flame Funnel- Purchased from Molhu at Skyrest Bridge. It should be noted that you will need the Remembrance of Adyr the Berfest Exile to purchase Flame Funnel.
  • Infernal Decree- Purchased from Molhu in exchange for the remembrance of the Sundered Monarch.
  • Infernal Eruption- Purchased from Molhu in exchange for the Remembrance of Tancred. Once you unlock this spell, you will be halfway through completing Inferno Adept!
  • Infernal Guardian- Found in the Tower of Pennance next to the skeleton hanging from the wall.
  • Infernal Hounds- Purchased from Damarose.
  • Internal Orb- Purchased from the Tortured Prisoner at Skyrest Bridge.
  • Infernal Slash- Found at Bramis Castle. You’ll need to head to the Stigma and soulflay over to the massive platform. You should find the spell next to the burning body. 
  • Infernal Weapon- Also found at Bramis Castle, up the staircase next to the main iron gate. 
  • Lava Burst- Located in Lower Caltrath, in the Umbral Flowerbed next to the Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch.
  • Magma Surge- Purchased from Molhu in exchange for the remembrance of a Spurned Progeny. 
  • Pyroclastic Stone- Purchased from Molhu in exchange for the remembrance of Judge Cleric the Radiant Sentinel.
  • Seismic Slam- Purchased from the Tortured Prisoner in exchange for a Giant’s Eye.
  • Severing Blades- Purchased from Molhu in exchange for the remembrance of the Lightreaper.
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