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Throwable Collector is an achievement in Lords of the Fallen (2023) that requires you to collect every throwable in the game. It’s very similar to other achievements like Ironclad and Weapon Collector because it involves you exploring pretty much every corner of the map to find dozens upon dozens of items. And while it may seem daunting, there are a few methods that you can employ to make completing Throwable Collector a little bit easier. 


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Collect All Throwables

To complete Throwable Collector, you need to collect every throwable within Lords of the Fallen. There are 43 items to collect in total, which is pretty light compared to other achievements like Trinket Collector.

Interestingly, by completing Throwable Collector, you will also make progress towards other achievements like Ammunition Collector and Weapon Collector. So, if you’re working towards 100% game completion, prioritizing this achievement is a great idea.

What Are They?

There are three different weapon groups within Lords of the Fallen- Melee, Ranged, and Throwables. Throwable weapons are pretty much what you’d expect- weapons that you can throw!

Currently, there are 43 different throwable weapons in the game, and you will need to obtain every single one to complete Throwable Collector. They are:

  • Accusing Spirit
  • Banner Javelin of Assault
  • Banner Javelin of Protection 
  • Bloody Hatchet
  • Corrupted Banner Javelin
  • Cursed Dart
  • Cursed Effigy
  • Empyrean Grenade
  • Enhanced Accusing Spirit
  • Enhanced Banner Javelin of Assault
  • Enhanced Banner Javelin of Protection
  • Enhanced Bloody Hatchet
  • Enhanced Cursed Dart
  • Enhanced Cursed Effigy
  • Enhanced Empyrean Grenade
  • Enhanced Fire Grenade
  • Enhanced Forcebust Parchment
  • Enhanced Forsaken Grenade
  • Enhanced Grenade
  • Enhanced Holy Grenade
  • Enhanced Lacerating Knife
  • Enhanced Lump Hammer
  • Enhanced Poison Javelin
  • Enhanced Posioing Knife
  • Enhanced Radiantburst Parchment
  • Enhanced Rhogar Oil Flask
  • Enhanced Short Javelin
  • Enhanced Snake Oil Grenade
  • Enhanced Umbral Burrower
  • Fire Grenade
  • Forceburst Parchment
  • Forsaken Grenade
  • Grenade
  • Holy Grenade
  • Lacerating Knife
  • Lump Hammer
  • Poison Javelin
  • Poisoning Knife
  • Radiantburst Parchment
  • Rhogar Oil Flask
  • Short Javelin
  • Snake Oil Grenade
  • Throwing Rock
  • Umbral Burrower
Throwable Collector Lords of the Fallen

How to Complete Throwable Collector

Generally, there are two ways you can go about completing Throwable Collector. 

Firstly, you may choose to buy different throwables in exchange for Vigor/Remembrance. Alternatively, you may need to find certain throwables in different locations throughout the map.

Weapons You Can Buy for Throwable Collector

Below is a list of all the weapons that you can buy, or start with, to progress through Throwable Collector:

  • Corrupted Banner Javelin- Purchased from Molhu in exchange for the Remembrance of Judge Cleric the Radiant Sentinel.
  • Grenade- Purchasable at Pilgrim’s Perch. 
  • Lacerating Knife- Starting equipment for the Exiled Stalker.
  • Short Javelin- Starting equipment for the Mournstead Infantry.
  • Throwing Rock- Starting equipment for the Condemned.

Weapons You Must Find. 

You must find the following weapons throughout the map to complete Throwable Collector:

Weapons 1-20

  • Accusing Spirit- Located at the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.
  • Banner Javelin of Assault- Located in Upper Calrath B next to a corpse.
  • Banner Javelin of Protection- Located in Upper Calrath A, next to the large tree with a hanging corpse.
  • Bloody Hatchet- Located in Pilgrim’s Perch.
  • Cursed Dart- Located in Brmais Castle near the Umbral Flowerbed.
  • Cursed Effigy- Located in the Sunless Skein.
  • Empyrean Grenade- Located in Pilgrim’s Perch.
  • Enhanced Accusing Spirit- Located in the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters.
  • Enhanced Banner Javelin of Assault- Located in The Empyrean, in the same room where you find the Map of the Empyrean.
  • Enhanced Banner Javelin of Protection- Found in the Tower of Penance.
  • Enhanced Bloody Hatchet- Located near the Umbral Flowerbed in Pilgrim’s Perch.
  • Enhanced Cursed Dart- Located in the final area of the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.
  • Enhanced Cursed Effigy- Found within Bramis Castle.
  • Enhanced Empyrean Grenade- Located at the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.
  • Enhanced Fire Grenade- Found at the Sunless Skein.
  • Enhanced Forcebust Parchment- Located within Bramis Castle, just outside the main boss room. 
  • Enhanced Forsaken Grenade- This is one of the hardest weapons to find for Throwable Collector, but you should be able to locate it within the Revelation Depths.
  • Enhanced Grenade- Located in the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters.
  • Enhanced Holy Grenade- Found outside the Judge Cleric boss room.
  • Enhanced Lacertating Knife- Found in the Fief of the Chill Curse. 

Weapons 21-39

  • Enhanced Lump Hammer- Found along the Path of Devotion.
  • Enhanced Poison Javelin- Found in the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters.
  • Enhanced Poisoning Knife- Found in the Tower of Penance. 
  • Enhanced Radiantburst Parchment- Located along the Path of Devotion.
  • Enhanced Rhogar Oil- Located in Bramis Castle.
  • Enhanced Short Javelin- Located within the Revelation Depths.
  • Enhanced Snake Oil- Located within the Revelation Depths.
  • Umbral Burrower- Located in the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers. This is also an incredibly difficult weapon to find when completing Throwable Collector.
  • Fire Grenade- Found in the Sunless Skein.
  • Forceburst Parchment- Found in the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.
  • Forsaken Grenade- Located in the Forsaken Fen.
  • Holy Grenade- Located in the Empyrean. 
  • Lump Hammer- Located in Upper Calrath A.
  • Poison Javelin- Found in the cave within the Forsaken Fen.
  • Poisoning knife- Found in Lower Calrath next to the Umbral Flowerbed.
  • Radiantburst Parchment- Found in Pilgrim’s Perch, after you defeat the Sacred Resonance of Tenacity.
  • Rhogar Oil Flask- Located in Upper Calrath B.
  • Snake Oil Grenade- Found in Fitzroy’s Gorge.
  • Umbrao Burrower- Located in the Forsaken Fen. 
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