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The Starfield A Tree Grows in New Atlantis quest activity relates to a mysterious tree. In which one scientist is eager to collect research data on it.

Kelton Frush is investigating the tree on the surface of New Atlantis. There is something wrong with it and he needs you help to fix it.


Out On A Limb Quest
Video Footage Of A Tree Grows in New Atlantis Activity Quest Activity


In order to unlock The A Tree Grows In New Atlantis quest activity, we will need to proceed to the city centre of New Atlantis. Talk to a man in blue by a tree, this man is known as Kelton Frush. He’ll explain that he is a scientist studying the tree and is annoyed at your interruption. However, he needs someone to retrieve some extra data for him. Agree to pick up the quest A Tree Grows in New Atlantis.

Your mission is to go to the biosensors that Kelton set up all over New Atlantis and pick up the data for him.

Meeting our client Kelton Frush in A Tree Grows in New Atlantis


There is a total of four biosensors to find altogether and we need to find and collect them all in order to progress with the A Tree Grows in New Atlantis quest

Sensor #1

For the first sensor, fast travel to the lodge. Go straight and find the sensor by a tree on your right, interact with it in order to pick it up.


For the second, face where you first appeared in the area and head straight. Cut across the grass, charging forward. You’ll pass a medical building on your right. Run around the large pond and find the second sensor by a tree on the other side. Pick it up and head to the next one.

Sensor #3

Behind the tree from the second sensor there should be some rocks and some railings. Run up the rocks as far as you can and jump the rest of the way. You will also be able to jump over the railing and carry on to the next sensor. You can go as the crow flies from here into the residential district and find the sensor by a tree near some tables.

Just to be awkward this sensor is not in the ground next to the tree but physically in the tree. Eyes up to find it and pick it up. Almost enough data to find out how a tree grows in New Atlantis. One more.


On your right you will find the train that can get you back to the commercial district. Once off head right and up the ramp. There you’ll see a young boy who says they are looking for eggs in the trees. The sensors are egg shaped so it’s easy to put two and two together.

The boy (Jordan) is in poverty and is looking for the eggs to make some money. He already sold one to a woman who works in UC Distributions. Her name is Wen Tseng. If you want to get the data, you’ll need to get it back. If you head as the crow flies to your next destination, jumping over barriers you will hurt yourself so it’s best to take a small detour down the actual path rather than running all the way there.

Though we may not get our data here, we will need to speak to Jordan in order to find out about Wen Tseng.

UC Distribution

Head into the UC distribution and talk to Tseng behind the desk. She’ll go through a corporate speal before you get the chance to ask her about the egg she brought. She says she brought the ‘egg’ from the boy out of pity and says she’ll give it back for what she paid and a little extra. There doesn’t seem to be a persuade or intimidation option for this. It’s either pay her or go. At the least it’s only 100 credits which will be more than covered with the rewards to the A Tree Grows in New Atlantis quest.

Buy the egg back from her and with that you will have all 4 biosensors.

Time to find out how a tree grows in New Atlantis.

Report Back

Head back out and return to Kelton. He’ll still be exactly where you found him. He’ll be happy you got the data and start looking at it. Wait with him for a moment to let the data collate. Once it is done, talk to him again.

He’ll explain to you what is wrong with the tree and how smug he is going to be about reporting his findings.

With A Tree Grows in New Atlantis quest complete you’ll be rewarded with 100xp and 2500 credits.

You’ll also get the chance to start the next quest with Kelton called Out on a limb.


A scientist in New Atlantis named Kelton Frush has asked me to assist him in his research. I need to collect sensors scattered around the city and bring them to him so he can analyse their recordings.

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