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Thirst for Knowledge is an achievement that you can unlock in Starfield. It’s worth 10 points, and beyond getting you a step closer to 100% completion, is worth completing for the in-game benefits alone. 


Jacked In (50 Computers Achievement)
Fleet Commander (10 Ships Achievement)

Read 20 Skill Magazines

Thirst for Knowledge requires you to read 20 skill magazines. Once you have read a magazine, you cannot re-read it, so these magazines must all be unique.

To read a skill magazine, you first need to pick it up and place it in your inventory. From here, simply hover over it and press read. 

Magazines weigh 0 mass, so you can carry as many as you want without encumbering yourself. This mechanic makes hunting magazines that little bit easier, as you won’t have to worry about constantly sorting out your inventory. 

Honestly, skill Magazines are worth hunting outside of completing Thirst for Knowledge. Each unique magazine will give you a permanent buff or new skill that will make completing the main story missions and other side missions so much easier. 

Skill Magazine locations for Thirst for Knowledge achievement in Starfield

Where to Find the Skill Magazines for Thirst for Knowledge

With that being said, here are the locations of all the skill magazines that you will need to read to complete Thirst for Knowledge, grouped by star system.

Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri is probably the best place to find Magazines to complete Thirst for Knowledge. So, here are ten, easy to find magazines that you can find on this Star System:

  • Constellation Guide 01- Firstly, this magazine is found in the Lodge on Jemison. It’ll be on the circular table, adjacent to the assorted artifacts.
  • Peak Performance 01- Found inside the Eye satellite orbiting Jemison. 
  • Cyber Runner’s Cipher- To find this magazine, head to New Atlantis and visit the Apex Electronics Store. You should find the magazine near the entrance. 
  • Freestar Captain’s Log 01- This magazine can be found at the abandoned helium extraction factory. It’s incredibly useful outside of completing Thirst for Knowledge too, as it will permanently increase your carry capacity by 5 mass.
  • Kryx’s Journal 05- Head to Gagarin and explore the landing pad. You should see a workbench. The magazine will be lying on top of the bench. 
  • Mining Monthly 03- While visiting Gagarin, make sure to pick up Mining Monthly 03. It can be found within the Landing Bar. 
  • CombaTech Catalog 04- Then to find this magazine, head to the Abandoned Hephaestus Mine on Gagarin. You should find it near the entrance. 
  • The New Atalantian 03- Heading back to Jemison, you will be able to find The New Atlanitan within the Pioneer Tower located at the center of the New Atlantis Residential District. 
  • Vanguard Space Tactics 01- If you’re a member of the UC Vanguard, you’ll be able to find this magazine in the Flight Simulator break room.
  • Va’ruun Scriputre 07- Found inside the Va’ruun Embasssy in New Atlantis.


Volii is also a great spot for farming Magazines for Thirst for Knowledge. Here are some of the easiest to obtain:

  • Cyber Runner’s Cipher 01- Firstly, you can find this magazine lying about in the Neon City business tower. 
  • Cuber Runner’s Cipher 04- Then to find this magazine, head to Neon City and go to the Volii Hotel. You should be able to find it on one of the tables.
  • Neon Lights 02- Afterward, you can find this magazine in Booth 1 of the Astral Lounge in Neon City.
  • Gunslonger’s Guide 04- This skill magazine can be found in the Freestar Rangers Outpost, making it a perfect choice if you’re considering joining the faction. 
  • Nova Galatic Manual 06- Then you can find Nova Galatic Manual 06 within the Autonomous Staryard on Volii Psi.

Other Magazine Locations for Thirst for Knowledge

Finally, to complete Thirst for Knowledge, use these assorted skill magazine locations:

  • Constellation Guide 02- You can find this magazine across the galaxy in any abandoned research tower. This makes it a perfect choice for Thirst for Knowledge, as no matter where you are, you’ll be able to pick it up.
  • Freestar Captain’s Log 04- Similarly, you can find the Freester Captain’s Log 04 magazine by checking out any abandoned research outpost across the star system.
  • The New Atlaintan 01- Then if you’re swinging by the Tau system, head to the Gourmet Production Centre. You’ll be able to find the New Atlaintain 01.
  • Neon Nights 01- If you’re planning on joining the Ryujin Industries, make sure to search the executive floor of the faction building. You should be able to find Neon Nights 01.
  • Nova Galactic Manual 01- Finally, to find this magazine, head to the Sol system and explore the Nova Galatic Space Station. 
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