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Accidents Happen

Accidents Happen is another Ryujin Industries faction mission in Starfield. It is one of the last remaining quests in the Ryujin Industries quest-line.

You’ve whispered into the ears of some important people and swapped out a presentation to make a deal go south, hopefully, you never found out if it worked or not. Now it’s time for something a little more low-key. A quick sneak in, plant a thing, sneak out.


Maintaining The Edge (Faction Quest)

The Mission

Talk to Imogene in Ryujin Industries to pick up your next job, Accidents Happen. It seems your next one is a bit of corporate bullying. You’re going to remind a smaller company to stay small. The actual job is to plant an ARC device that will allow them to frame them for gross negligence and therefore tank public perception of the company.

If you have any questions on what exactly an ARC device is and what it will do Imogene will happily answer those questions.

In terms of the mission, she stresses the need to stealth. She tells you all you need to do is get it on a panel at the target. The rest will be managed at Ryujin Industries.

HopeTech building in Accidents Happen Starfield


Luckily, this time Imogene was not being vague with the target name because there are multiple potential ones. You can rest assured with this mission, unlike Access is Key, you will have the same time as everyone else.

The target is HopeTech. Leave Ryujin Industries and set course for HopeTown. Be aware that when you enter orbit around Polov your ship will be scanned by Freestar security. If they find any stolen goods on you, you will need to either pay a fine, get arrested or fight. At least if this happens the slammer is right next to HopeTech. I’m sure you’ll be fine but accidents happen.

If you’re not a criminal you’ll be fine to land in HopeTown and make you way to HopeTech without dealing with iron bars. Head inside and to a door right by reception that will take you in to the factory floor. Weirdly you won’t be stopped for trespassing here so you can run on through to your target. The most you will get is a robot telling you off for not wearing a hard hat.

Planting the ARC

Following the mission marker should take you up some stairs, through a tunnel and up a ladder before you actually get to the target. It’s not too hard to find but it’s a bit of a distance from the entrance to the factory floor.

And before you go slapping it on there without thinking, Stop. You’ll get caught. Accidents happen. There is a guard patrolling the area. Wait and let them go past before entering sneak and putting the device on.

If you are caught you will have the usual options of paying the fine, attacking or going to jail. Yes, you can get arrested twice in the same mission and yes, it will affect your pay at the end of the mission.

Report In

Back to the short and sweet missions from Ryujin. It’s already time to return back to headquarters and end the accidents happen qust. Set course for Neon, land and make your way back to Ryujin Industries. Head into the elevator and take it to the operations floor where you’ll find Imogene in her usual place.

Tell her you’ve completed the job. Surprisingly even if you get arrested twice you still won’t be fired. You’ll have decreased rewards but you won’t be fired. You’ll be reprimanded slightly and she’ll even admit she tried to stick up for you.

She will also tell you the results of your previous mission sowing discord. If you failed to convince either Zola or Arthur then the deal you tried to stop will go through disappointing the company. You’ll have to make it up to them on the next mission. However if you succeeded then you will have earned some praise and Imogene will start worrying about you coming after her job.

With that it’s Accidents Happen quest complete. Now onto the next called Maintaining the Edge.

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