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Ryujin Industries Faction Mission – Sowing Discord

In Bethesda’s newest title Starfield you’ll be traveling the stars, exploring unknown frontiers, and meeting a whole host of people. Like in many Bethesda games There will be factions for you to join and work your way up. This is a faction mission for Ryujin Industries called, Sowing Discord.

After getting a keycard last mission and somehow still not getting fired, Imogene will give you your next mission. Time to mingle with some big wigs and put them off an idea. Sowing Discord mission quest commences!


Accidents Happen (Faction Quest)

The Mission

Return to Imogene at Ryujin Industries and tell her that you are ready for your next mission. The next mission will take place in the astral lounge in Neon. She wants you to talk to come high level execs. They’ve heard about a rival business deal and she wants you to make sure that that deal fails.

She’s set you up to see the executive director and financial manager of Quantum Synergies who have a potential deal on the table with a company called Infinity LDT. She’ll give you some info on both so that you can know what to say. The company they are dealing with is giving a presentation. She also gives you an altered version of the presentation to swap out.

Lastly, she dislikes your fashion so she made a suit for you. Or more like she wants you to be able to blend in better so she had a suit made for you.


You’ll find the astral lounge on the other side of Neon. There’s no fast travel closer so you’ll just have to run. Enter the purple party area that is the astral lounge and pick left or right. On the left will be Zola the Executive manager and on the right will be the elevator to the VIP areas where you can find the Finance manager. I suggest talking to Zola first as your other objective is in the VIP section too and it just saves going up and down too much.

Time to get to sowing discord.

Heading to the Astral Lounge in Starfield Sowing Discord quest

Convince Zola

Head to the mission marker on your left to talk to Zola. The Quantum Synergies Executive manager. However before you actually talk to her make sure you have a look at the information Imogene gave you. Have a chat and she’ll tell you that she’s here to do business with Infinity LTD. You’ll need to use a persuade to convince her it is a bad idea.

It’s a pretty easy persuade again. Just 4 points over 2 turns. If your skill is high enough you won’t have to go for any risky options and may even be able to pass the persuade without needing the full 3 turns.

For the next part of your mission you’ll need to go across the lounge and into the elevator to access the VIP area.

SOWING DISCORD Convince Arthur

You’ll find Quantum Synergies Finance manager  in Booth 1. To your left when you exit the elevator. Talk to him and work your persuade magic.

Again this magic should be fairly easy to cast. You’ll need 4 points over 3 turns. Like last time if your skill is high enough then there is no reason to take risks. Stick to the green and even then, you may not need all 3 turns.

Convince him Infinity LTD is just too risky and then it’s off to put the final nail in the coffin of sowing discord.

Presentation Switch

Head down the hall, past the elevator and find the VIP Booth. You’ll have to digipick your way in so be careful to check around you before you start picking so that you don’t get caught. If you get caught, you’ll have to deal with security. It’ll be the whole, pay a fine, get arrested or fight choice but the more you can avoid that the better.

Once in, the presentation will be on the table and it will be a simple interaction to get the two switched.

Once done you can head back to Ryujin Industries and give them the good news.

Report In

Head back to Ryujin Industries, into the elevator and up to the operations floor. Find Imogene in the office you usually find her in and report on a job well done.

That is if you did a good job. She will reprimand you and tell you who is having to clean up after you if you messed up and got caught. Either way it will be Sowing Discord quest complete.

She tells you the next mission, Accidents Happen is a mission that is a little more under the radar.

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