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Ryujin Industries Faction Mission – Access is Key

In Bethesda’s newest title Starfield you’ll be traveling the stars, exploring unknown frontiers, and meeting a whole host of people. Like in many Bethesda games There will be factions for you to join and work your way up. This is a faction mission for Ryujin Industries called, Access is Key.

You did your first job as a Ryujin Industries operative and regardless of how successful you were you at least did enough for them to keep you on. Time to see what other kind of corporate espionage you’ll be up to today.


Sowing Discord (Faction Quest)

The Mission

To begin the access is key faction mission we must first find and talk to Imogene at Ryujin industries to pick up your next assignment. She needs you to…acquire the key card from a security chief. Preferably without drawing a weapon. She recommends looking the part and talking it from them or being sneaky about it and pickpocketing.

The mission will update with the optional objective to get a uniform and the fixed one to get the keycard.

Looking the Part IN ACCESS IS KEY

If you would like to look the part then you can get either a suit or a uniform.

On your way out of Ryujin Industries, in the lobby, there will be a man call Aito Suzuki. He’s a vendor, ask to look at what he has for sale. Click into his apparel section and you’ll find a number of outfits. You can pick up pretty much anything from this shop to complete the mission. The Suits are at the top of the list and uniforms below. Buy what you want and equip it, congrats you now look like someone important and that is key to access.

Exploring Neon during Access is Key Starfield quest


Now here’s where things get a little more complicated in our access key quest. Not for you, you’ll know where you are going because the mission will tell you and never know any different but a fun fact about this mission is that it’s somewhat random where you get asked to get the key card. So you know where you are going but I don’t so it’s rather hard to walk you through it at this point.

It seems that there is a reason that Imogene was very vague with the dialogue of ‘security chief’ at the start of the mission. In my research to write this article I saw videos and articles about this mission sending the player to various places but mostly still in the Freestar Collective space. Locations include The Clinic, HopeTech, Paradiso, Gargarin Landing and if you are lucky, you can even stay in Neon.

Let me know if Access is Key sends you anywhere different in the comments.

Regardless of where you are sent the way to get the keycard is the same.

Get the Keycard IN ACCESS IS KEY

Once you are suited and booted and ready to continue with the access key quest, proceed and head over to your destination and find the Security chief.

Each location you can find them in is a bit different in terms of people around and easy hiding spots. You’ll have to make the call yourself whether you can afford to fail the persuade or not. If you can’t, make sure you save before hand and then talk to the chief.

It’s a pretty easy persuade. 4 points in 3 turns, with enough skills you should be able to get through it without taking any risks and sticking to green options. If you pass, they will give you the keycard and you can head back to get a mission complete.

However, if you fail you may have to resort to pickpocketing. As stated, before this is a bit easier in some areas as others. In most cases the chief is either not alone or out in public. In order to not get caught you’ll need to keep an eye out for any passers by or find a way to distract anyone nearby.

Whether you stole it or got given it. You can take that keycard and head back to Ryujin Industries. The access is key quest is nearing its completion.

Report In

Another short and sweet mission from Ryujin Industries. Head up the elevator to the operations floor and to the office where Imogene hangs out. Give her the keycard and she’ll be very happy with you and feel that you are ready for a bigger challenge. It’ll be Access is Key quest complete and up next will be a bit more of a challenging mission called, Sowing Discord.

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