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War of Angels is an extremely difficult achievement to complete in Starfield. It requires you to take on the most powerful enemy in the game and is only recommended for players level 30 or above. 


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Collect 20 Quantum Essence

To complete War of Angels, you need to collect 20 Quantum Essence. Quantum Essence is a very powerful consumable that will give you accelerated power recovery for a 60 period after you use it. 

After you collect 20 Quantum Essence, you will unlock the War of Angels equipment. This will give you 20 points.

Where to Find The Quantum Essence for War of Angels

Unlike other resources, you can’t just find Quantum Essence around the solar system. Instead, you’re going to have to take on the Starborn, a very powerful group of enemies, to obtain it. 

Once you defeat a Starborn enemy, it will vanish after exploding in a huge streak of white light. After this, one Quantum Essence will be deposited into your inventory.

You will encounter the Starborn across various story missions, most notably the ‘Revelation’ mission. During this mission, you’ll have to face upwards of two Starborn enemies, depending on your dialogue choices. The first time you will actually ever encounter one of these Starborn ships is just after the All That Money Can Buy mission, where you will explore Neon for the first time and after collecting another artifact we will encounter Helix. Who is one of these ‘alien ships’

However, War of Angels requires you to collect 20 Quantum Essence, so completing the story missions alone isn’t going to be enough. Luckily, there is a way to get the Starborn to come to you.

If you choose to build the Armillary on your ship, Starborn enemies will start randomly attacking you. This might seem scary, but it’s actually great news because it’ll mean you basically have a quantum essence farm with you at all times. Honestly, this is the only practical way to collect the amount of quantum essence needed to complete War of Angels. You may also find the Starborn on planets like Feynman I.

Encountering a Starborn during the War of Angels achievement in Starfield

How to Defeat the Starborn

Completing War of Angels is going to involve killing a lot of Starborn enemies. These guys are no joke and are widely regarded as the most powerful enemy in the game. They’re controlled by a band of human enemies who want to protect the secrets of the cosmic artifacts that you are trying to uncover. 

What’s more, the Starborn have the best weapons in the game, as well as powerful abilities such as cloning. So unless you’ve got some pretty decent weapons and companions, there’s no point even trying to take the Starborn on.

Once you feel ready to take on the Starborn, follow these steps to defeat them:

  • Use your companions to distract the Starborn so you can get closer to them.
  • Once you’re in close range, use melee weapons to deal bursts of damage.
  • When they start to attack you, retreat and use your shields to block attacks.
  • Repeat until the Starborn is dead!

How to Collect the Quantum Essence

Once you’ve defeated a Starborn enemy, one Quantum Essence will automatically be deposited into your inventory. However, you won’t actually find Quantum Essence in your regular inventory. Instead, you’ll need to open up your Powers menu. After collecting your first Quantum Essence, a new tab should appear in the bottom left corner. Hovering over this tab will let you know how much Quantum Essence you have collected. And after you have collected 20 quantum essence, you will unlock the War of Angels achievement.

You can use this quantum essence in battle by clicking on this Quantum Essence button. This will give you heightened power regeneration and is actually a great way to gain an offensive advantage when you fight another Starborn enemy. 

Tips for Completing War of Angels

Here are a few tips that will help you to defeat the Starborn, and in turn complete War of Angels:

  • Stock up on supplies. Batles with the Starborn are going to be long and tough. So, come prepared for a fight with med packs and other consumables to increase your longevity.
  • Bring your best companions. A good group of companions will make or break your encounters with the Starborn. So, bring the best team you can afford. Heller, Sarah Morgan, and even Gideon Aker are all great choices. 
  • Don’t attack the Clones. As mentioned earlier, the Starborn have the ability to create clones. If you attack these clones, you’ll fall right into their trap and eventually run out of resources and die. Instead, only focus fire on the main Starborn, because once you kill him, the Clones will fall too.
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