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The Family You Choose is one of Starfield’s 50 achievements. It fits under the ‘Companion and Relationship’ category of achievements, requiring you to recruit ten separate companions. You will earn 20 points for completing the Family You Choose.


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Recruit 10 Separate Companions

To complete the Family You Choose achievement, you are required to recruit ten separate companions. These companions can be found all over the star system, and it doesn’t matter which ones you choose, so long as you recruit ten overall. 

The Family You Choose achievement is worth 20 points. You will need to complete the Family You Choose if you want to 100% complete Starfield

How to Recruit Companions for the Family You Choose

Recruiting a companion is actually really simple in Starfield. Just walk up to the companion that you want to recruit, speak with them, and then agree to hire them. Each recruitment may set you back a few thousand credits or more, depending on who you’re recruiting. 

Before you go ahead and recruit a companion, it’s a good idea to learn more about them. This will help you evaluate if the companion will be a good fit for your playstyle. You will also be able to negotiate a lower recruitment cost. 

Some companions will also require you to complete a mission before you can recruit them. Others can only be recruited at certain times of the day. 

Sam Coe a Freestar companion in Starfield. Also counts towards The Family You Choose

List of Companions in Starfield

Here is a list of the 10 best companions you can recruit in Starfield. Referring to this guide when trying to complete The Family You Choose will make this achievement a walk in the park:

Back to Vectera

  • Lin. You can recruit Lin after completing the ‘Back to Vectera’ story mission. She has skills in both demolitions and outpost management. She is also free to recruit. 
  • Heller. Heller can likewise be recruited after successfully completing Back to Vectera. He has skills in Geology and Outpost Engineering. 
  • Barret. Barret can also be recruited during the Back to Vectera Mission. He’s one of the best companions in the game, with a four-star rating in Starship Engineering.

Other Missions

  • Rafael Aguerro. You can recruit Rafael after you save him during the Entangled mission. He is free to unlock and will be useful beyond completing The Family You Choose, thanks to his skills in Starpost Engineering. 
  • Sarah Morgan. During The Old Neighborhood Mission, you can recruit Sarah Morgan. She’s free to recruit and has impressive skills in Astrodynamics and Leadership.

Miscellaneous Companions For The Family You Choose

  • Ezekiel. You can find Ezekiel at Aggie’s Bar in the city of Akila. So long as you talk to him, he will be free to recruit.
  • Lyle Brewer. While you’re at Aggie’s Bar, make sure to pick up Lyle Brewer. Recruitment will set you back 12,000 credits.
  • Dani Garcia. You will find Dani Garcia in Euphorika in Neon. He only costs 12,000 credits to recruit and is worth the money thanks to his skills in robotics and energy weapon systems.
  • Simeon Bankowski. If you want a sniper on your team, then Simeon Bankowski is the man to go for. He does cost 15,000 credits but is one of the only companions in the game with a Sniper certification and sharpshooting skills.
  • Andromeda Kepler. The final companion you should recruit for The Family You Choose is Andromeda Kepler. You can find her on Cydonia, and recruitment will cost 15,000 credits. 

There are a few other companions that you may choose to recruit, such as Gideon Aker. But, these guys are generally a little more expensive and a bigger headache to recruit. So for the purposes of completing The Family You Choose, these ten companions are your best option.

Tips for Completing The Family You Choose

The Family You Choose is overall a pretty straightforward quest in Starfield. But, there are a few tips that can make your life easier. For instance:

  • Come with enough credits. There’s no point in trying to complete The Family You Choose unless you have a sufficient balance of credits. To put this into context, you could be spending upwards of 50,000 credits on this achievement, depending on who you recruit.
  • Take the Time to Haggle. It can take less than a couple of minutes to reduce the recruitment cost of your companions. So, make sure to haggle as often as you can, as these savings will genuinely add up over the course of a playthrough. 
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