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Jacked in is one of the lesser-known achievements you can unlock in Starfield. It requires you to access 50 computers before completing the game. Keep reading to find out the location of these computers and how to access them. Visiting them all will ned you with the Jacked In achievement.


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Access 50 Computers

To complete Jacked In, you will need to access 50 computers. In return, you’ll earn 20 points, putting you that step further toward game completion and 100%

You can track your progress for Jacked In by checking out your achievement dashboard. Just hover over Jacked in, and you’ll be able to see how many computers you have left to access. 

Computer Locations

Hundreds if not thousands of computers are located across the Starfield star system. Every computer looks exactly the same in Starfield too, so once you’ve found your first one, you will know exactly what to look for. 

With that being said, you will be able to find computers in most major cities in Starfield, including:

  • New Atlantis. Home to the United Colonies, New Atlantis is perhaps the most advanced city in all of Starfield. It can be located on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system and is a gold mine for pretty much everything, from credits to computers.
  • Neon. Neon is where the Ryujin Industries resides, and also happens to be the production city for the Aurora drug in Starfield. If you’re interested in joining the Ryujin industries, Neon is a great place to start accessing computers to complete Jacked In.
  • The Key. Unless you’re a member of the Crimson Fleet, it’s probably not the best idea to go looking for computers at The Key. But, if you are a member, this is a great place to search. 
  • Akila City. This is probably the worst city to find computers in Starfield. But, there are a few lying about.

Of course you can also find them out of cities too, during your many quests and adventures. Just keep an eye out. As there are so many computer terminal you should be good with this one.

Discovering a computer necessary for the Jacked In Starfield achievement

How to Access These Computers to Complete Jacked In

To complete Jacked In, finding a computer won’t be enough. You also have to interact with it. To interact with a computer, just follow these simple steps:

  • First, approach the computer terminal, making sure you’re facing the screen.
  • As you approach, you should get a prompt to interact with the device. The computer will also unfold, letting you know that it’s usable. 
  • Interact with the computer by pressing E on PC or A on Xbox. It’s that simple!

However, you can’t access every computer in Starfield. You’ll be able to tell when a computer is inaccessible because the computer won’t unfold as you approach it. You also won’t get a prompt to interact with it. Most of the time, these computers can eventually be made accessible by completing a certain mission. 

Aside from completing Jacked In, accessing a computer comes with a variety of benefits. For instance, if you’re in a room full of automated turrets, accessing a computer will allow you to control them, giving you the option of disabling them or even letting them fight for you. Alternatively, accessing a computer can give you important information about a specific quest, or wider Starfield lore. 

Tips for Completing Jacked In

Here are three tips for completing Jacked In:

  • Forget about the achievement. This might sound counterintuitive. But quests like Jacked In can often be completed vicariously as you work your way through the main story. You’ll be accessing different computers in so many story missions and side missions, that over time, you’ll probably complete Jacked In unintentionally. And this will be a much more enjoyable way to unlock the achievement than searching every corner of the galaxy for a new computer!
  • Come Locked and Loaded. When you’re exploring the deep dark depths of the Starfield world, you’re bound to run into all kinds of trouble. So, come prepared with decent gear so you can take out anyone trying to get in the way of your progress. Interacting with a computer can also take some time. So make sure to clear the area before accessing one.
  • Frequent Modern City Centres. While you can find computers all over the place in Starfield, you’re more likely to find random ones dotted about in the more modern city centers than in other areas. This makes sense because these places are richer and more advanced. So, if you’re actively trying to complete this quest, frequently visiting places like New Atlantis will probably be the most efficient use of your time. 
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