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Early on in your Starfield journey, you’ll be faced with the dilemma of whether or not you should join the UC vanguard, or opt for a different faction. Your choice will affect the way that the rest of the game plays out, so it’s important to understand why you may want to join or avoid the faction in Starfield. 

By joining the UC Vanguard you can also unlock the Supra Et Ultra trophy achievement. Which is worth 10 points.


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Video Shows How To Join UC Vanguard. Unlock Supra Et Ultra

Supra Et Ultra

Supra Et Ultra is the first mission you’ll need to undertake if you want to join the UC Vanguard in Starfield. The quest will be unlocked as soon as you arrive in New Atlantis after you complete the main story mission, One Small Step.

Supra Et Ultra is essentially an ‘application’ to join the Vanguard, and you will need to show that you’re worthy of their support.

The mission involves you helping the UC military with a wide variety of tasks. After this, you will earn your citizenship.

How to Join the UC Vanguard

Joining the UC Vanguard and unlocking the Supra Et Ultra achievement

To join the UC Vanguard, head over to the central building in New Atlantis. You should be able to find Commander John Tuala behind a desk. We will first encounter him during The Old Neighborhood main story quest. When you interact with him, he will tell you the benefits of joining the UC Vanguard. Should you show positivity toward this monologue, Tuala will prompt you to register for the Vanguard.

From here, take the nearby elevator to the Vanguard Orientation Hall, and complete your Vanguard Registration Form. After completing this, head to the same elevator, go up to the piloting simulator and proceed to the exam.

Once you select this, Proctor will meet with you. He will explain the rules of the exam to you, informing you that the exam involves defeating several waves of enemies in a simulation. When you’re ready, start the simulation.

To achieve the best results, it’s a good idea to focus on one enemy at a time. These enemies can’t really be crowd-controlled, so the only way to defeat them efficiently is to target one at a time.

After successfully completing the exam, you’re ready to Join the UC Vanguard. Head back to the main building and inform Tuala of your results. He will then take you outside the building to fulfill an oath, which will mark the start of your enrollment as a probationary agent. 

After swearing loyalty, you will be gifted with a bonus of 250 XP, and more importantly, a probationary mission called Grunt Work. The Vanguard won’t actually class you as a member until you complete this mission.

Once you complete Grunt Work, head back to Tuala. He will praise you for a job well done, and gift you a UC Vanguard Space Helmet, Spacesuit, and Pilot Pack as a reward. And just like that, you’re officially a member of the UC Vanguard! You will now unlock the Supra Et Ultra achievement.

Why Join the UC Vanguard?

There are several reasons why you would want to join the UC Vanguard in Starfield. These include:

  • Benefits. The UC Vanguard has some of the best benefits of any faction in Starfield. You will receive an allowance in credits, new gear like the spacesuit, and several significant XP bonuses throughout your journey.
  • You can Become a UC Citizen. Perhaps the main reason for joining the Vanguard is the fact that doing so will allow you to become a UC citizen. In turn, this will enable you to buy your own home. 
  • New Quests. Joining the UC Vanguard will also open up a wide variety of new quests for you to complete. Some of these quests will even allow you to discover new planets and characters, giving you plenty of new content to sink your teeth into. These missions are some of the most enjoyable in the game, too.
  • Impact On Other Colonies. Unlike with other factions, joining the UC Vanguard won’t affect your ability to switch factions later in the game. This makes it a bit of a no-brainer to join the faction, as you can reap the rewards and easily leave if you change your mind.
  • Supra Et Ultra. Joining the UC Vanguard unlocks the Supra Et Ultra achievement. Which is worth 10 points and is needed for 100% completion.

Cons of Joining the UC Vanguard

In honesty, joining the UC Vanguard is a great choice in Starfield, and there aren’t many cons to this decision. Although, it is arguable that its lore isn’t a strong point.

The UC Vanguard is an interesting faction, but compared to others like the Crimson Fleet, its background is somewhat lackluster. So, if you’d rather explore a more complex line of lore, the UC Vanguard may not be for you.


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