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UC Vanguard Faction Mission – A Legacy Forged

One of the final faction quests for the UC Vanguard in Starfield is A Legacy Forged. It will require us to find and speak with Vae Victis. Fates and an uncertain legacy awaits.

You’ve found the truth of the terrormorphs, now what to do about it. The first thing we can do is confront Vae Victis. The A Legacy Forged quest begins..

The Fate of Vae Victis

The Big Bad

Head to the Mast building and down into the secured section to see Vae Victis. Get on the intercom to talk to him. He’ll be surprised by what you found and ask if it can be kept between you. Now you can get him to confess.

He admits it surprisingly fast and you can quickly get him monologuing his whole plan, associates, and motive. Vae Victis makes some good points about how this plan benefited you and how, as much as it hurt people, it will be saving a whole lot more. He already has a fall guy in place, Orlease. A name you should recognise since Vae Victis sent you to kill him in the Devil you Know quest. A conveniently recently dead person killed by someone involved so they too can become a hero. Not only did he have it all planned out he made sure you could benefit from it.

You’ll have time to mull it over as you head out of the secured section and up to talk to Hadrian and Percival. Just make sure you either save before this conversation or have your mind made up by the time you start.

Do you agree to his lie or tell the truth. You have some time to think about which Legacy you want Forged.

Speaking with Vae Victis during A Legacy Forged Starfield quest

Catching up with Friends

Meet with Hadrian and Percival in a meeting room outside the cabinet. Here is where you can make one decision, you can tell Hadrian that Vae Victis confessed or paint Orlease as the villain. No matter which one you pick it will be easier to at least be consistent so that the cabinet meeting goes smoother. If you lie to them, lie to the cabernet and vice versa.

You’ll have a chance to ask a few more questions. You can be reminded of the two ways that Hadrian’s team came up with to deal with the threat and prepare as much as you can.


No matter how you choose to go on in the meeting the rewards for the mission do not change. The choice of whether you expose Vea Victis or lie for him doesn’t affect it and nor does the decision of which method you take to deal with the threat.

No matter what you will have a credit reward and be given class one citizenship.

However, you can advise on the securing/destroying of the Lazarus plant that started it all. You can advise on getting the other factions involved. Whether helping smooth out those relationships is something that helps you down the line is unclear but it seems like a good option to keep politics smooth.

Unless you want to cause a war, you could always go full chaos with this legacy Forged.

Lie and Frame Orlease

If you go along with Vae Victis’s plan you can lie to both Hadrian and the cabinet without needing to persuade. They already have pretty damning evidence provided by Vae Victis so they have no reason to doubt you despite the strangely wonderful timing of you killing him. The matter will be considered wrapped up.

After you will be able to go down to the secured area and talk to Vae Victis again. He will be pleased that you went along with his plan and offer you more work killing criminals. Pick up the slate he puts in the transfer terminal by his cell to see the list. Most of these criminals will be surrounded by bandits and each one killed will garner you a reward with credits.

Tell the Truth

If you tell the cabinet the truth they will regret their actions keeping Vae Victis alive, however they will not get to correct their mistakes. Vae Victis will disappear from his cell and you won’t be able to go on missions for him, however you will be able to go in and have a look around.

UC Vanguards Quests Complete

Congratulations, with Legacy Forged quest complete you have completed the main UC Vanguard storyline quest. You are able to pick up UC Vanguard quests from your commander Tuala but there will be no more story from this faction.

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