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Back to Vectera is one of the main story missions within Starfield. Here we return back to the mining area, which is or, perhaps, rather it was, home to the Argos Extractors. The area was first seen during the One Small Step quest. Now we need to find out what happened to Barrett and the remaining miners.


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To begin with the story mission proceed and return back to Vectera. Once you arrive you will instantly notice how quiet it is here. A once bustling area full of hard working Argos Extractor workers and, now, its empty. What exactly happened here? Proceed and speak with Supervisor Lin to find out.

Meeting up with Supervisor Lin again in our Return to Vectera


After speaking with Lin and finding out what exactly happened here. Along with what happened to Barrett we will now be tasked with fixing the comms computer.

We can find this computer inside the nearby facility, simply activate the switch in order to open the door. Once inside feel free to explore. We can find some medical packs and inside the Cutter Crate we can find Heller’s Cutter.

Continue on to find a room with three power receptacles, all of which require a power cell to power it up. As it is unlikely that we have any right now just ignore it and proceed through the door. It will require a digipick unlock.

Inspect the Communication Computer and we will be given several different options to choose from. We can look for a power source, pull out the data storage or, in fact, leave. As the latter option is a bit pointless right now. Considering we need this computer. We can decide between the other two options instead.

If we choose to look for a power source we will realize that the auxiliary power banks I mentioned need several Power Cells. Okay…


Well we already knew about the auxiliary power banks but what we do not know is how to acquire these Power Cells. We need 3 in total to proceed with our back to Vectera quest. This section is completely optional. In fact it can be skipped.

In order to simply skip our search for the Power Cells we can choose the Pull out Data Storage option. The third option on the bottom, after interacting with the comms computer. This will bypass the need for the Power Cells and we will be rewarded with an audio file, Emergency Transmission 01.

Though, if you are curious as to where to find these three Power Cells we can choose to find them instead. There will be multiple different locations that we can go to in order to find them, including; speaking with Lin, interacting with the robot outside. Next to the supervisor. Another one can be found in the quarantine building. Where we found ourselves after discovering the very first artifact.

Finding the Power Cells in Return to Vectera

Return back to the auxiliary power banks and insert the Power Cells. Now, since we decided to find these cells we can access the computer terminal. Instead of destroying it, which is what the other option provides. With pulling out the data storage.


Whilst we are in Vectera we can proceed and inspect the computer and on it we can find several files. The comms computer will also now be known as the sensor array. Anyway once you log on into the computer we will find files on both Incoming Ship Logs and Emergency Transmission.


Regardless of the option you pick we need to report back to Lin.

Proceed and tell Lin about your findings and she will admit that she is worried about both Barrett and Heller. Since Vectera is a bit dead and more like a ‘ghost town’ we can also now attempt to recruit Lin as part of the crew. Though this is entirely optional.

Also it does not matter which option you choose to do. If it is to simply destroy the computer or, alternatively, try to find the Power Cells. There does not seem to be much of a difference in the end. Lin can still be recruited as part of the team, in fact, she never even questions how you got the information.

Locating the whereabouts of Barrett and Heller during our return trip to Vectera

After recruiting Lin we will then get a tutorial on how to assign our crew to the different ships. The Frontier is limited to two personnel. Supervisor Lin is skilled with both Demolitions and Outpost Management.


Make your way to Gryphus using the mission menu to get there easier and faster. When you inspect the Gryphus planet you will notice that there is a crashed ship. So that is exactly what we are looking for.


Proceed towards the crash site and we will discover an injured Heller. Speak to him to find out what happened to Barrett.

At this point we can also recruit Heller to the crew. He seems a bit lonely out here, all alone. Might as well. Though, ultimately, it is your call to make.

We will also get another transmission audio log too, titled Emergency Transmission 02. Listen to it from your inventory. Then proceed to the next destination, Bessel III.

If you choose to recruit Heller then you can expect him to come with both the Geology and Outpost Engineering skills and abilities.


To continue our nostalgic trip to Vectera mission we will need to explore the Bessel III planet. Here we can land at the Ransacked Research Outpost. Be warned though it is literally swarmed with Crimson Pirates. If you are trying to level your lockpicking skills then there will be a door you can practise on nearby.


Once you are ready proceed inside the Ransacked Research Outpost facility. Here we can find Barrett speaking with one of the Crimson crew members, Matsura. It seems they are friends? But as he refuses to let Barrett simply leave with nothing to show of his capture, he now demands that we pay him credits.

We have several options here, we can either try to persuade Matsura to let Barrett go. Alternatively, we could, of course, pay him his asking fee of 4,000 credits.

From there return back to the Lodge. Barrett will now become a new companion.


Argos Extractors is packing up operation on Vectera, but there’s no word about Barrett. I need to go there and find out what happened.

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