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Crimson Fleet Faction Mission – Echoes of the Past

One of the more earlier Starfield quests for the Crimson Fleet faction is the Echoes of the Past. Which requires us to speak with Delgado. We also discover Kyrx’s plans.

You’ve managed to join the Crimson Fleet and like the space pirates they are you find out they are after treasure. Time to join them on the hunt as the Echoes of the Past quest begins..


Breaking The Bank (Faction Quest)

To The Lock

Fast Travel to The Lock on Suvorov and talk to Delgado. He tells you to ignore scrap and focus on clues to the treasure. Also that your companion will not be allowed inside.

After the conversation follow Delgado through the icefields and kill anything that gets in your way. There will be a variety of angry local fauna for you to deal with. Once at the doors to The Lock speak with Delgado.

He’ll unlock the door and you can head in.

Exploring The Lock during the Echoes of the Past Starfield Crimson Fleet quest

Inside The Lock

Follow Delgado as your group descends the stairs. Our two companions will be talking about the echoes of the past as you go. When you get to a large room we will discover what might have been evidence to register prisoners, jump up onto a shelf and prepare for an attack by more of the angry local fauna.

Once it’s over talk to Delgado again and he’ll send you and Mathis up to the control room to get the doors open. After you leave the main area some of the roof will collapse and cut you and Mathis off from our other associate.

Our current companion will have some very mutinous ideas to share with you. You can play it safe and hear him out. Though you don’t have to commit to his plan just yet.

Power on and Doors Open

Head through a door on your left and through the lab. After that it’s pretty much a straight shot to the control room. Once you are there, you’ll hear Delgado through the comms. He’ll seem to be onto Mathis since he mentions him specifically but other than that orders have not changed.

Approach another console in the room to open the door for Delgado, also be sure to look at the other files for more information on Jasper Kryx. With that the other door in the control room will open and you’ll be able to continue.

Head through and down to another security room. You can use the console in here to turn on the power. Follow Mathis out.


According to a file from the control room Kryx was kept in Cell Block-D. Where you can go by exiting through the only other door in the room. Follow the path to the guard tower and watch out for more angry fauna.

Once you’ve killed everything and gotten to the tower Mathis will question you on your thoughts about his plan. You can talk him down by pointing out that there’s no point in killing our other companion without the information so you’ll be able to continue your search.

Interact with the console in the guard tower and check out the prisoner list to see which cell Kryx was in. After you’ll need to use the D-Block Control Switch to get the cells open.


Leave the tower and go down one flight of stairs. Before going onto the other, jump over to the railing you can see in front of you, it’s the quickest way to get to the first piece of information you need. Once you get there the angry fauna will attack you again.

After a small shootout, head further down and interact with a panel on the wall to open the cells. Once they are open go into the cell behind you and interact with the lamp. You’ll find part of Kryx’s plans. A literal recording to the echoes of the past.

The next place you will want to head is the showers. There will be some lockers in there and more evidence of Kryx.

Once you have those you can find the escape tunnel Kryx used to get out. You’ll need to use the maintenance access computer to unlock it. The tunnel will lead to the armoury which is sadly already picked clean. Follow this path and be careful of enemies.

Return Home

Continuing with our Crimson Fleet and Echoes of the Past mission, proceed and fight your way to the quest marker and interact with the intercom in the warden’s office. Delgado will have found you a way out by using a shuttle from the prison. After you have spoken to him, speak to Mathis. If in your conversation with Delgado you gave Matis some credit he’ll be thankful. He’ll also ask if you could forget about the whole, mutiny thing.

Head out of the warden’s office and have one last fight to get to the shuttle. And this fight has a rather big and angry local fauna so this one may be a challenge. Once it’s down, make for the shuttle and set course to The Key.

Reporting In

Report into Delgado and get yourself a legendary gun and you learn about your next mission, Breaking the bank. But this quest isn’t over. You’ll need to head down to the bar and have a quick catch up with Mathis and Naeva. The former will just thank you for staying quiet and Naeva will give you more details on the mission so you don’t screw up her payday.

And last but certainly not least you’ll need to report to the UC. Tell them however much your comfortable with.

But for now this is Echoes of the Past, quest complete. Now onto Breaking The Bank

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