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Crimson Fleet Faction Mission – Breaking the Bank

Following on from the events of Echoes of the Past. We now explore our next Starfield Crimson Fleet faction mission, Breaking the Bank.

On the hunt for Kryx’s Legacy you found evidence that it is in fact a downed Gelbank ship that is loaded with credits. In order to gain more information you’ll need to invade a fancy pants event. The Breaking the Bank faction quest now begins..


The Best There Is (Faction Quest)


Set course for Aranae IV where you’ll see the very flat looking Siren of the Stars. Head over and dock the fancy ship. Head on through and you’ll talk to your contact Rokov. He’ll pretty much interrogate you as to your motives, plus both Delgado and Naeva’s motives too.

Once the interrogation is over, he’ll give you a pass to get in, advise on a course of action and give you a warning that the security system will punish you if you try to kill someone.

You can also ask him about the award Naeva wants you to steal though he won’t be happy to hear she was trying to cut him out of the deal. He’ll give you the name of a person to talk to.


Head to the ballroom. The game actually wants you to mingle here as there isn’t a particular person to speak to. Each of the Society Patrons has something bad to say about your target Larry and if you go through asking them all you’ll eventually hear about the hours spent away from his wife and instead spent with someone else.

With that information you can leave the party and head on upstairs.

The Award

You’ll find Sheila, the woman in charge of the award ceremony upstairs. Casually mention that the award might be in her cabin and she’ll tell you the location out of spite.

Head through the door on your left and go forward and right. This way you’ll find the Purser office where the award is located. Inside you’ll be able to talk to Chief Murata. She tells you that it can only be taken with a claim ID.

The Other Woman

Head to the second quest marker in the area to find Klaudia Swist, your target’s mistress. She’s a practical lady. If you can persuade her, she’ll give you some dirt on your target to use. It’s a hard persuade so luckily if you fail there is also the option to pay her. 2500 hopfully won’t break the bank.

She tells you about the scam herself, your target and a man called Gabrial have been doing for months. She doesn’t have evidence but this Gabrial does. You can find him back in the Gala.


When you get back to the Gala area, you’ll be right next to Shiela again. Time to see if you can get that Claim ID. You’ll need to persuade her or, otherwise, intimidate her. The Persuade is a hard 6 points for 3 rounds so you can’t play it safe. Unfortunately.

If you failed to get the Claim ID from her, go back to Rokov and ask him for help. He’ll give you something to give to Shiela. Go back to Shiela and use what you were given. She’ll hand over the ID. After that you can head back to the Purser office and simply take it from the safe.

Optional mission complete.

The Accomplice

Back to the main mission of Breaking the Bank.

You’ll find Gabrial between party tables minding his own business. He won’t be willing to give up his information so your best taking what you know and reporting back to Rokov. He’ll tell you that if you can isolate Gabrial then he may start spilling his secrets. You can fake an emergency that forces people back to the cabins to do this.

Head to the engineering deck and speak to Sandin. He won’t let you into the life support room without paying him or using Rokov’s reason. Sandin will leave the room for a small convenient break and you’ll be able to get into the life support system.

A Small Emergency IN THE BANK

Use the computer that Sandin just left to gain access to the life support system. Inside there will be three sets of cables to interact with. Interact with them and you’ll have your emergency. Head back out to the empty Ballroom and head to the guest suites.

Gabrial’s suite is not locked, head on in. Have a chat and tell him that your target has been breaking the bank even more than planned. You’ll either have to attack him to get the information out of him but be aware of the ships security systems or pay him 2500 credits.

Confronting Rokov in the Breaking the Bank Starfield faction mission

Nail the Target

With the information you have now it’s fine to confront the target, Larry. Head upstairs to Larry’s suite. He’s an ass but he’s a smart one and understands his situation and offers up his credentials with no extra fuss. All items acquired.

Head back out and give Rokov the good news. Once you’ve said your goodbyes to him it’s off to New Atlantis.

Breaking the Bank

Now you have the credentials you can go to the Gelbank in New Atlantis and head into the elevator. Talk to the guard and show your credentials and he’ll unlock the door.

However inside there will be an ambush of Ecliptic. Once combat is over head upstairs to look at the lost ship registry and get information on the Legacy. After that, leave and report to the key.

Reporting In

When you get to Delgado in the Key, he will tell you that Rokov is already here and gave him the run down. He’ll check out the info you gave and find the problems you face on your next mission. After the conversation you’ll need to follow Naeva. Once your, almost alone, she’ll ask for the award.

Last but not least you need to report to the UC again.

Once you have it’s Breaking the Bank mission Complete. Next up is; The Best There Is

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