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Crimson Fleet Faction Mission – The Best There Is

The Crimson Fleet Starfield faction quests continue with The Best There Is. Which is one of the Fleet’s story missions. We once again meet up with Naeva. This specific mission also involves exploring the ship and finding info on the ComSpike.

You broke into Gelbank’s archives and got the information on the legacy. Problem is now tracking it down. Naeva hears about a new tech that could help, time to steal.


Absolute Power (Faction Quest)

The Plan

Head to the Key and talk to Naeva about the plan. She sends you to New Atlantis to talk to a smuggling contact she knows.

Set course for the residential district of New Atlantis and find your contact in The Well. Your contact is Huan and she is a straight to business kind of woman who quickly outlines the plan and rules you need to follow in order for success. Once you agree to her terms she’ll meet you at her ship.

Make for the spaceport and enter Huan’s ship. Speak to Huan at the helm of her ship and tell her you’re ready to go then take a seat and enjoy the ride.

Meeting with Huan in The Best There Is Starfield Crimson Fleet quest


Juan will get you successfully docked and after procced and talk to her. She’ll give you a run down on how to get around the ship. First things first you need a disguise.

Head onto the station and take a right. You’ll find a cargo elevator in the corner. Take that down and head to the mission marker. You can use the intercom in front of the door to speak with Huan again and she’ll reiterate the plan.

The door in front of you is locked. You can use a digipick to open it or you can eavesdrop on the two men close by and hear about a man who keeps losing his key. Talk to Elijah if you ask him about where he hasn’t checked yet, he’ll tell you and you’ll be able to find the key right behind a guard. In order to reach and collect this key however, you will need to talk to this guard and get him to move then take the key.

The Second Lock

To continue with The Best There Is Crimson Fleet quest we will need to open the maintenance room. From there proceed into the storage area. It’s best to temporarily leave your companion behind here. You’ll need to be sneaky so an extra body just makes it easier to be spotted. Slip into the rather large vents. Sneak through to reduce the chance of being spotted and head up the ramp to a shower room. head to the left to leave the room and sneak around to the right, entering someone’s quarters to steal a uniform.

Make sure to get changed into it. After you’re changed you can head back the way you came and collect your companion. You can now walk through the main halls to the next checkpoint. The man at the checkpoint will see you through.

Head through the next room and use your ID card to get into the elevator for the command bay.

The Third Lock

If you use the comm to talk to Huan again she’ll say that the next checkpoint may require a clearance code. She’ll be proven right when you head for the checkpoint. Back out of the conversation with the guard and head around to the security room. Make sure to close the door behind you before hacking into the clearance code computer.

Once in, take a moment to check the uniform you are wearing in your inventory. You’ll find the name and rank of the soldier you took it from. Remember those and open the computer. Select the correct option for the soldier’s name and then remember the passcode for your current rank. Write it down if you have to the game will make you choose it out of a few options.

Head back to the checkpoint and give them the code.


Head through the room and into the archives. Use a computer in there to check out the ComSpike project information. Once you have that head through the door next to you and use a console by the next secure door to open it. Head into the elevator and use it to go up.

You can use an intercom to talk to Huan again and she’ll tell you that you’ll have to find your own way off the ship since they are nearly done. Head around and down the stairs to lab 04 and speak to the man inside.

He’ll excitedly tell you about the prototype ComSpike fitted onto a ship. You can choose to betray Huan and tell him she’s trying to steal it so you need to get it out of here, or try to persuade him that you are one of those test pilots he wants. It’s 6 points in three turns again, good luck.

He’ll tell you where the ship is and what you need to do to take it if you pass.

Grab the Item

The first thing you’ll need is a new uniform. Head around to the left and you’ll find one hanging around in the locker room. Put it on and head to the next checkpoint. Once through head up to the control room and use the console.

Click add project then ComSpike to authorise your test flight. With that you can head on down, use your ID card and get away scot-free with the goods.

Reporting In

Return to the Key with the goods and find Huan in the bar. After you’ve caught up with her, head to Delgado. He’ll talk about his plan to get past the radiation situation and your next steps. After that You’ll need to report to the UC.

And with that this mission The Best There Is will be complete. Roll on Absolute Power

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