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Crimson Fleet Faction Mission – Absolute Power

The next Starfield mission within the Crimson Fleet is Absolute Power. Which sees us meeting up with Estelle.

You have the location of the Legacy and a way to track it. Now you just need a way to withstand those harsh conditions. The Absolute Power mission begins..


Eye Of The Storm (Faction Quest)


Travel to Volii Alpha and land at the Neon Core. Head into the city and behind the elevator to Eddside. Find your next contact Estelle. She won’t be the friendliest but she’ll tell you what you need to do to get the information you need at least.

Head back out into Neon and talk to the barkeep of Euphorika and ask her for Ayumi. She’ll be rather protective so you’ll need to use your crimson fleet gusto to get her to talk to you. She’ll tell you that Ayumi is in the members lounge and charges you 5000 credits to get in.

The Absolute Power contact Estelle in Starfield quest.

The ABSOLUTE POWER Members Lounge

To get to the members lounge you’ll need to exit Euphorika and re-enter through a door on your right. Head through to the members door in the back corner and up the stairs to find Ayumi.

Talk to her and be frank about what you want. Your crimson fleet connections will see you through enough to get to some options. You can use some demolition to threaten the building of her company, use the planetary habitation skill to point out how worthless the tech is you need to steal or threaten to make trouble for her.

If none of these options are your style you can pay her. Select the option talking about credits and you’ll get the option to pay her. It won’t tell you how much but I will, about 4200 credits and she’ll give you her pass.


Time to see if we can find this absolute power. Head down the elevator and to the Generdyne Industries door but be careful once you are in. If you are not planning to shoot your way through it may be a good idea to ask your companion to wait outside to make the sneaking a bit easier.

Turn to your right as soon as you get in and enter the vent. Follow it down then go forward and take a right. Head up the stairs and through the double doors in front of you. This is a particularly risky section when sneaking.

Go through the door, forward and down the stairs. At the bottom of the strand there will be another vent you can jump into. Sneak through the vent and up the hatch at the end. Go through the open door and sneak around the left of the glass container in front of you. Head through a door on your left.

Follow that hallway down to a room with two big pipes and head up the stairs. To the right you’ll find the master control room. You can use either the left or right door to get out of the master control room and end up at the elevator you are targeting either way.


Once you get out of the elevator, you’ll be able to access a console. The last file in the system will download the grid plans for you. Head further in and up an elevator to talk to the big bosses annoyed brother who is more than happy to help you. He gives you the password to his PC.

After speaking with him you can go to the terminal at the desk and interact with the top two files to get the cipher you need and upload Estelle’s virus for the extra credit. The last file just has some lore if you are interested.

With that you have everything you need to complete absolute power. Head to your left and leave via the elevator in the office. It will take you down to the lobby and you’ll be able to just walk out.

Surprise Chat

Follow the quest marker to meet with Estelle but be a little surprised to find the big boss Benjamin Bayu instead. He’ll make you an offer. Tell him who gave you the virus and he won’t have you killed. You have 3 options and only 2 will get you out of a fire fight. You can be honest and tell him Estelle did it. You can blame his brother. Or you can take the blame. Obviously if you take the blame he will probably start shooting.

Reporting in

If you blamed the brother then you’ll be able to walk away and find Estelle again. Head back to the bar you first met her in and through a door next to the bar. She’ll ask you to cut her in on some of the credits for the job since her virus is no longer going to help her. If you want to help her you can choose how much 2000, 4000 or if you are feeling very generous 9000 credits. She’ll be happy regardless of what you give her.

Head back to the Key and talk to Naeva who will railroad you into the next quest.

However for Absolute Power, this is mission complete. On to our next quest; Eye Of The Storm

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