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Crimson Fleet Faction Mission – Eye of the Storm

This is a quest for the Crimson Fleet faction and is called Eye of the Storm. It is one of the final Crimson Fleet storyline quests in Starfield. It is also one that forces you to side with one of two different factions. Choose wisely.

You have a way to track it and a way to withstand the harsh conditions around Kryx’s legacy but something has gone wrong. What is it?


Legacy’s End Faction Quest


Returning to the Key after the quest Absolute Power you will see Naeva and she’ll ask you to come with her now. After you hand over the data you gathered, Delgado will tell you that the UC is preparing to attack the Key. While they are doing that, Delgado wants you to get Kryx’s Legacy.


Speak to Jazz once more and ask her for help modifying your ship. Go into the ship customisation menu and install the ComSpike and Conduction Grid onto your ship.

Once done you’ll need to meet up with the UC Vigilance and get their orders. Talk to Commander Ikande.

The commander may react to your differently depending on how your playthrough has gone so far. If you went into Neon guns blasting, he will be furious and arrest you. You’ll appear back at the UC with Sysdev now your enemy but you will be free to continue with the mission.

If you have managed to avoid casualties, he bids you return the credits you find back to the UC rather than Delgado. And You’ll be free to jump to Bannoc IV.


Set course for Bannoc IV, a place that really looks like the eye of the storm. Once there head towards the signal. Dodge asteroids until you finally see and can board the Legacy.

Once in the ship head to your left and up the stairs. Take another left and head straight up some more stairs. At the top of the stairs continue forward to the transfer module lock. You won’t be able to use it right away but conveniently there is a dead body behind you with a key to pick up next to it.

Through Vault Door #1

Insert the key and head into the vault. Turn left once inside and follow the hall down to an orange door. The next door you’ll have to get through is locked and when you go to use your digipick you’ll set off an alarm and some turrets and robots will attack. Shoot them, pick the door, and continue.

There may be more resistance so be careful but it’s not quite the eye of the storm.

Continue forward until you get to a room with some stairs. Though the quest marker looks like it is going up you won’t be able to get through that door even with a digipick so go through a door on your left. Head up the stairs in that room to be able to make progress towards the quest marker.

Through Vault Door #2

To continue our way through the eye of the storm we will need to follow the path until you get to a red vault door. There is a panel next to it to open but there will be a system failure. Head through the door that is open in the room and after fighting some robots go up the stairs on the left of the room’s ground floor and through the door there.

There will also be a red vault door with a panel but this one will actually open when you activate it.

Once through head down and be wary of many security robots in the room. Once combat is over follow the quest marker to the corner of the room. Fight turrets up the stairs and enter vault control. If you go up the stairs and look to your left, you’ll see the blocked entrance that stopped you before.

Get The Goods

Head up to the controls and find the legendary Kryx in his seat and the legendary Revenant rifle in front of him. Next to it is an audio file of Kryx and if you look at the floor by his hand, you’ll see many, many credits and the transfer module.

Now listen to Kryx talk and he’ll give you instructions on how to get the loot. He had some bad luck and didn’t have a good ship to get away. Luckily you do.

Acquiring the Revenant Legendary Rifle in the Eye of the Storm Starfield quest

Execute the Plan

Flip two switches in the room to reroute power then interact with the two module locks on the console. Flip the switch in the middle and wait. Once it’s done, take the items and the Legacy will start to fail. It’s time to run through the eye of the storm!

Run back the way you came as fast as your little space legs will take you. Yes, you will be shot at by robots on the way but if your fast enough then that won’t matter. There may not be a timer but there is toxic gas to worry about. Get to  the helm of your ship and detach.


Assuming you haven’t missed off the UC, you will finally have to make the choice of who you stand with. The Crimson Fleet or UC Vigilance.

If you return to the UC, you’ll be able to talk to Commander Ikande and talk about the coming confrontation.

If you return to The Key you’ll find it already under attack, fight your way in and the next mission will start pretty much right away.

With that it’ll be Eye of the Storm complete and the next mission will be the last of the Crimson Fleet’s missions, Legacy’s End.

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