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Crimson Fleet Faction Mission – Legacy’s End

In Bethesda’s newest title Starfield you’ll be traveling the stars, exploring unknown frontiers, and meeting a whole host of people. Like in many Bethesda games There will be factions for you to join and work your way up. This is the last quest for the Crimson Fleet faction missions, Legacy’s End.

Having made your decision last mission to give Kryx’s Legacy to the UC or to the Fleet. You’ll now be engaging in that conflict from either side.

In order to make this article make sense, if you are fighting for the United Colonies, read all sections with UC at the start of each heading. Alternatively, if you decided to side for the Crimson Fleet, read all sections with CF. Both have a very similar start to their individual campaign. Ultimately, this articles covers both perspectives of both factions.

CF: Beginning the Battle

Upon returning with Kryx’s Legacy you’ll find The Key under attack and you’ll automatically start the quest Legacy’s End. Take out the ships and dock in. Speak to Naeva and she’ll send you to Delgado. Talk to him and he’ll lay out the plan. He will be thrilled that you got Kryx’s Legacy back.

They will tell you that you need to defend the defensive batteries.

UC: Beginning the Battle

Similarly for the UC the targets will be the defensive batteries. Rather than defending them however you are trying to take them out.

Both: Battery defence/taking out IN LEGACY’S END

Regardless of which side you pick at this point you will be heading to each battery. Once you have them as quest markers you can focus on one and fast travel to it. When you arrive at each location there will be some resistance. Either from the UC if you are fighting for the crimson fleet or from some of the past NPCs from your missions so far if you are fighting for the UC.

Destroy all the enemies and either destroy the battery or leave depending on your objective. Once you have done all three head back to your base.

CF: Return to the Key

Fly back to the Key and join the battle there. Once you arrive, you’ll have a small stand off before a rather long dog fight will break out. Focus on the smaller targets and fight through multiple waves. Eventually you will get the job to disable the Vigilance. Target the big ship and fire away. Once you have her disabled. Delgado will order it be boarded.

CF: Taking the Vigilance

Dock into the Vigilance and fight your way through taking out everything that shoots at you. Keep your head up for Turrets. Once done, head to the familiar Oops centre to face Ikande.

On your way you’ll have some optional missions to speak with NPCs. Most of them are just a bit of camaraderie. Though I suggest you speak to Adler Kemp and he can give you suggestions to reaching the Oops centre faster.

After more fighting you will eventually reach Commander Ikande.

CF: The Face Off with Ikande LEGACY’S END

Ikande has a chat and tells you that he has activated the vigilance’s self-destruct. You can go on the attack to try shut down the self-destruct yourself or try Persuade Ikande to shut it down himself. It is a very hard persuade. 8 points in 3 turns, if you are going to get through it, you’ll have to pick the riskier options.

If you fail you will enter combat. Once you have defeated the enemies you will be able to go to a console in the room and abort the self-destruct protocol.

CF: One Last Report

With Ikande at his Legacy’s End. Head back to The Key and talk to Delgado. He’ll be happy with everything you have done and you’ll get a very, very handsome amount of credits as a reward.

UC: Battle at the Key

Once you return to the Key as UC Delgado will tell you he sent Naeva to distract the Vigilance. Your small force is on their own, for now. Battle through the defenders. Eventually the vigilance will turn up but you’ll still have some enemies to clear up.

Once they are done you can board The Key

UC: Board the Key

Once you open your first door on the Key you’ll be attacked pretty much right away. Take out anyone in your path. On the way you can head into Jazz’s room and use her console to hijack the security robots and open the next door.

Continue cutting a path through the key until you get to the bar, there will be a console behind the bar that you will need to interact with to get the last security doors open. Once through these doors you’ll have a confrontation with Shinya and finally after a bit more fighting you enter the room you normally spoke to Delgado in.

UC: Face Off with Delgado IN LEGACY’S END

When you get to Delgado, he’ll be rather angry and also set the reactors of The Key into overload. Everyone onboard and around it will die. You can either attack Delgado or try to persuade him into cancelling the overload. Its another hard persuade at 8 points over 3 turns. If you fail you will have to fight.

Before you get to Delgado, you’ll have to stop the overload. Head left into the Key and find the buttons you have to press as fast as possible. You will be attacked all the way through but you need to prioritise the buttons over the enemies. Kill what’s in your way and tank what you can, to get the buttons pressed.

When you have pressed all the buttons, Delgado will come out of hiding and you can finally end this. Kill Delgado and take his password. You’ll be able to use that to open the lockdown of the Key. With that Delgado will be at his Legacy’s End and you’ll be done.

There will still be enemies but at this point you can leave the rest to the UC and leave the Key.

Encountering Delgado in Legacy's End Starfield faction mission

UC: One Last Report

Head back to the Vigilance and report to Ikande. Though it’s not completely tied up in a bow, Ikande will be thrilled with how things happened and even pulled some strings for you to get a very handsome amount of credits and a sysdev formal uniform.

And with Legacy’s End complete You will have finished all missions for the Crimson Fleets faction.

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