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The first mission in the Freestar Rangers faction in Starfield is one known as Where Hope Is Built. It follows on from the events of Job Gone Wrong, which was first automatically activated during The Empty Nest

Having talked down a hostage situation and saved a farm you have officially become part of the Freestar Rangers. Now to figure out just why the mercenaries were at that farm to begin with. First things first you need to report back to the marshal. Where Hope is Built faction quest begins..


Shadows in Neon (Faction Quest)

Back at The Rock

Once your back at The Rock, head upstairs to speak to the marshal. You, Emma, and the marshal will go over what happened and try to find a few leads. After a chat it’s decided that you’ll head to Hope Town to look into the stolen ship.

Head out to Polvo and as soon as you get into orbit, you’ll have a call from the Freestar ranger you were to rendezvous with calling for help. Dock and board Nia’s ship.


Go straight into the ship and down one level. You’ll quickly find the helm of the ship. Speak to Nia, she’ll tell you that she was ambushed and too injured to make repairs. She’ll ask if you can get the ship in running order so she can go to Hope Town. Where hope is built.

Repair the Ship

To repair the ship there are three panels you’ll have to interact with. Though her ship isn’t big it’s got three floors and just to make things more awkward there is a panel on each floor you need to interact with. Tell your companion to wait in the room with Nia, this way they won’t get in the way so you can go and freely use the ladder and get the job done much quicker

After your done, collect your companion and talk to Nia again. She’ll thank you and ask you to go after the outlaws that got away.

Hunting Outlaws

The outlaws ran in the direction of Miatha. Nia gave them a good fight so they didn’t get any further. Fast travel there and you’ll find yourself in battle with 3 other ships pretty much as soon as you arrive in the area. You can use the space debris for cover if needed.

Once all three are down you’ll be able to head back to Polov and land in Hope Town. Let’s find out where hope is built.

Arriving at Hope Tech during Where Hope is Built Starfield quest


Land in Hopetown and make you way into Hope Tech. You’ll find Nia inside waiting for you. Once you have spoken to her, follow her up through the building to meet with Ron. It’s a rather long walk and on the way she’ll tell you a bit about Ron and his ethos. Also stress that he is on the Council of Governors that the Freestar Rangers answer to so it’s very, very important not to make him angry.

When you meet Ron, he seems pretty friendly and his people are focused on the Ethos shrines, but he isn’t afraid to swing his power around. He’ll quickly remind you of who he is and why you should do as he says. He also talks more like a king than a CEO. He wants the thief dealt with. After you’ve gotten what information you can out of him, another of his employees will come in and say that the stolen ship was spotted in Neon after the theft.

HOPE IS BUILT Mission Complete and a Bug

After, Nia asks to speak with you. Follow her outside and save before you talk to her.

The reason I tell you to save here is because there seems to be a common bug around this part of the quest, where completing this quest does not put the next one in your journal. Should that happen to you, reload the save before talking to Nia and try again.

As you talk to her Nia with thank you again for helping her and give you the name of the ranger you can meet up with in Neon to help you out. Next stop, Neon.

And with a friendly goodbye that’s Where Hope is Build Quest complete. Next up, Shadows in Neon.

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