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The Empty Nest is either the third story mission or an option that can be missed in Starfield. It first becomes available after The Old Neighborhood. However, it is one of two that becomes available at that specific point of the game. Both of these branched missions include being able to recruit a new companion. In the way of either Barrett or Sam Coe.

Completing only one of these will allow us to move on with the main story, skipping the other possible companion. Meaning, again, it is missable and deemed unnecessary. The main story continues with Power from Beyond. However, if you unlock both you can then move on to All That Money Can Buy


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How to recruit the Starfield companion Sam Coe in The Empty Nest


Proceed to The Lodge over in Jemison and New Atlantis. Here, in the back room, we can encounter our next companion, Sam Coe. Who is an apparent expert on the Freestar Collective faction. He will also be accompanied by his daughter, Cora.

Greet Cora with a positive response, such as; ‘Glad to see someone so young taking an interest in space’ to be rewarded with a ‘thumbs up’ by your companions.


Our destination, Akila City, is located over in the Cheyenne system but if you have not travelled there before you will likely need to explore a closer system first, such as Olympus.

Once you arrive proceed and speak with Sam. He will now be locked in as our current companion. In truth, he is rather hot so I would have it no other way.


Proceed on through the city and we will be stopped by Marshal Blake, apparently there is a commotion over at the bank. A robbery. Agree to help them and Mr. Coe will appreciate our response. This will also unlock Job Gone Wrong. Which is a bit of a distraction as it is part of the Freestar Collective missions, rather than our main story missions.


This faction mission will involve Marshal Daniel Blake and the Shaw Gang. The latter of whom are held inside the Galbank Vault. They have hostages inside and demand a ship off the planet. It is up to you how you want to deal with it. We can either try to persuade them or use lethal force.

Completing this mission will allow us to join the Freestar Collective


Our next task in The Empty Nest is to head back inside the vault building and proceed downstairs to find a room full of lockers. Here Sam will want us to find a particular locker with a note addressed to him.

Once you have the note it is best to save as you can try to persuade the handsome Coe but, of course, this is generally luck based unless you have your Persuasion skill levelled. By successfully managing to persuade him we can find more about him and this Jacob character.


Exit the building and head north of the city. Towards the Coe Estate. Here we will meet with Jacob. Who is reluctant to let us have the maps we need. Now we have a few options to choose from, either; try to persuade Jacob to give us the necessary information or bring the daughter, Cora into it.

If you try to distract Jacob using Sam we can then try to access the room he was guarding. This will require a Novice skill lock. Simple enough. The maps will then be sat inside by the door.


Make your way to The Empty Nest and explore it to find a building surrounded by the Shaw Gang bandits. Eliminate them and proceed on and through a door. Here we will be inside and encounter more of the gang.

Soon enough we will encounter a gate, this time it requires an Advanced lock. Now if you have your lockpicking skills levelled you should find these digilocks rather simple enough. Why? Well, if it is levelled enough any compatible lockspicks will turn blue to signify that they fit and are a match.

A Correct Digipick Match


Continue on with The Empty Nest mission by heading past the now unlocked gate and there will be some gang stragglers left, dispose of them. These caves are rather dark so make use of your flashlight. At the end of this path will be our artifact. Artifact Chi. Proceed and exit the hideout.

Now we cannot simply fast travel out of here. The reason being we have someone waiting for us outside. Lets greet them.


The leader of the Shaw Gang has arrived and she wants revenge for taking over her hideout. Here we can either try to persuade her so no one gets hurt, or pay the 4,000 credits asking fee. Alternatively we can just eliminate the rest of the gang.

If you manage to persuade her we will earn ourselves 10 XP and an approval from Sam. We can also earn ourselves additional rewards too if we stick around and help Shaw with the incoming Ashita threat. For helping Shaw we will receive a further x23 7.5mm Whitehot and Modified Razorback.

Report back to The Lodge in New Atlantis to complete The Empty Nest quest. Sam Coe will now become our next official companion.


Sam Coe and his daughter Cora will be coming with me to Akila City. They’ll be passengers on my ship until we get there.

We need to get Solomon’s Maps from Jacob Coe. I could try talking to him, or I could set up a distraction with Sam, or maybe even ask Cora for help.

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