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During your Starfield playthrough, you will have the option of accepting the ‘Deputized’ side mission, which will open up an opportunity to join the Freestar Rangers. However, this recruitment process is far from easy.

By joining the Freestar Rangers, you will also unlock the Deputized achievement. This achievement is worth 10 points and is necessary if you want to get 100% completion in Starfield.


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Deputized is an optional side mission activity that will allow you to join the Freestar Rangers. After taking down the Akila City Bank Thieves during ‘Job Gone Wrong’, you will have the option of initiating Deputized after talking to Marshal Daniel Blake. Afterward, Marshall will tell you to find Emma Wilcox if you’re interested in becoming a Freestar Ranger.

You can find Emma at The Rock, which can be found in the center of Akila City, straight up from the Spaceport Gate. Then, once you’re at The Rock, head to the second-floor bar- Emma will be waiting for you. 

Subsequently, Emma will inform you that, to earn a Freestar Rangers badge, you will first need to prove yourself. This is pretty standard for faction-joining missions.

After you finish talking with Emma, you’ll be ready to undertake your initial test to join the Freestar Rangers.

How to Join the Freestar Rangers

Emma of the Freestar Rangers

You should find a digital board on the other side of the bar. If you interact with this, you will be able to choose and activate a Freestar mission to prove your worthiness to Emma. In total, there are four different missions to choose from. You will only need to choose one to join the Freestar Rangers, but once you’re accepted into the faction, these missions will disappear. So, if you want to earn some extra credits, complete all four missions before talking to Emma again.

If you want to join the Freestar Rangers as quickly as possible (or if you’re a low level), it’s a good idea to pick the ‘Rescue Hostage at Maheo III-b” mission. All you’ll need to do is disable an enemy ship, kill about a dozen hostiles, and then search the ship for a hostage.

On the other hand, the most difficult mission you can choose is to ‘Kill the Outlaw Gang Leader on Altair IV-c’. This will involve you killing a very ‘tanky’ and powerful enemy and is only recommended if you’re level 25 or above.

After successfully completing your mission(s), it’s time to head back to the Rock and meet with Emma Willcox. Then, she will congratulate you on your success and direct you to Marshal Blake’s Office. After heading to the office, Marshal Blake will officially enrol you as a member of the Freestar Rangers.

Once you’ve joined, Marshall will gift you some great gear, including:

  • The Ranger Deputy Uniform
  • The Freestar Deputy Badge
  • The Freestar Deputy Hat
  • The Deadeye Pistol

After you equip your new gear, Emma Wilcox will inform you of your next assignment. This will involve exploring Montara Luna after a mysterious signal was located by a farmer. 

Why Join the Freestar Rangers in Starfield?

The Freestar Rangers are a compelling faction choice in Starfield. Some of the reasons why you may want to join the Freestar Rangers include:

  • Gain Access to Bounty Hunter Missions. By joining the Freestar Rangers, you will gain exclusive access to bounty hunter missions. These missions are everything you can imagine and more, ranging from taking out high-profile space criminals to rescuing hostages and bringing them back to their families. Furthermore, these missions have some of the best storytelling elements in the entire game and also allow you to explore Starfield’s awesome combat mechanics to their full potential. 
  • Seek Justice. The Freestar Rangers are essentially a group of Space Cowboys. Their only goal is bringing justice to the galaxy. If this ethos matches your playstyle, you may want to consider joining the Freestar Rangers. 
  • Work towards game completion. Joining the Freestar Rangers is the only way to unlock the Deputized achievement in Starfield. Therefore, if unlocking all of the achievements in Starfield is one of your goals, joining the Freestar Rangers should be a no-brainer. 
  • You don’t block other factions. Joining the Freestar Rangers will not limit your ability to join others in the future. So, if you don’t like the faction, you can just leave without any consequences!


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