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Freestar Rangers Faction Mission – Surgical Strike

In Bethesda’s newest title Starfield you’ll be traveling the stars, exploring unknown frontiers, and meeting a whole host of people. Like in many Bethesda games there will be factions for you to join and work your way up. This is a quest for the Freestar Rangers faction called Surgical Strike.

You have followed leads to a woman called Maya Cruz who is getting treatment at the clinic. Time to see what she knows. We now begin the Surgical Strike quest.


On The Run (Faction Mission)

The Clinic

Dock at The Clinic and head in to talk to fellow ranger Ben. He’ll tell you that he knows who you should speak to and you’ll need to follow him. On the way he’ll tell you that most on this ship don’t take kindly to rangers but the person he introduces you to, Ari, is one that doesn’t mind.

Asking questions

During the Surgical Strike quest Ari will tell you that the computers are having issues but he’ll help you however he can. He won’t know who you are talking about but after filling him in on what you know was wrong with her, he’ll offer to look it up on his terminal.

Follow him, it’s not too far but you’ll have to give him time to sit down and have a look at the system before talking to him again. He won’t have found any matches for Maya Cruz so it seems she is using a fake name.

Best Ari can do is give you the names of some of the female patients in the clinic for you to talk to. You can also use the admin station in the freestar office to look for the source of the system disruption.

SURGICAL STRIKE System Disruption

Head into the Freestar office where you first spoke to Ben and interact with the terminal in there. If you select ‘Admin Access,’ then ‘Active Processes,’ then the only option on the next screen you will see is that the disrupter was installed by a female patient in the VIP section. This is likely your woman.

Now you need to gain entry into the VIP wing.

The VIP Wing

In order to get into the VIP wing you’ll need to talk to a man called Titus who is in charge of that wing. He will refuse to let you in. If you have high enough medicine, you can convince him to let you in no problem. Alternatively, you’ll have to use Intimidation or persuade. If the worst comes to worst you can always pickpocket the key.

Enter the VIP Wing and surprise! The turrets will fire and when you get to the room the quest marker is in run to the corner on your left to avoid the bombs. Once they are off, go to the table by the bed and check out the slate next to it. It seems Maya already left.

With that you’ll need to launch a surgical strike at Sarkharov. Head back to your ship and leave the clinic.


Dock and board the station outside Sarkharov. After opening a few security doors Maya’s voice will come through. She warns that she’s had time to prepare. Keep your eyes down and be ready to run when you start to hear beeping. There are a number of traps laid out for you.

There are also some angry local fauna in the room so watch out.

At the end you’ll see a cuttable wall. Any gun will do but a cutter will be best. Cut the bars in each corner and the wall will fall out of your way. In the next room you will be faced with some security robots.

Reaching the Abandoned Asteroid Mine in Surgical Strike in Starfield

Security Doors Aplenty

Once you’ve cleared the room, you’ll be faced with another security door. In order to get it open and to continue with the surgical strike quest, proceed and follow the cables dropping down from the top of the door to a security room. You’ll need to digipick your way into the terminal to get the door open.

The button on the other side of the door just closes it behind you so it’s best left alone. Continue down the path shooting what’s in your way and you’ll come to another security access door. Luckily, the panel for this one is right next to it. Watch out for bombs on the other side.

Shoot your way further in and press the button in the elevator and go to the next part. There will be more resistance at the bottom.

Head up the ramps and be careful of turrets. At the top you’ll find another cuttable wall. And reveal Maya.


Maya will be ready to fight as soon as you enter, shoot her with non-lethal bullets so you can talk to her. If you press her, she’ll give you another encrypted slate to hack. You can kill her or leave her at this point but either way your next priority is to get the slate to Alex.

Back to The Rock

Head back to your ship and set course for the rock. Find Alex where you left him before and give him the new slate. And it’ll be Surgical Strike quest complete.

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