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Freestar Rangers Faction Mission – On the Run

In Bethesda’s newest title Starfield you’ll be traveling the stars, exploring unknown frontiers, and meeting a whole host of people. Like in many Bethesda games there will be factions for you to join and work your way up. This is a quest for the Freestar Rangers faction called On the Run.

You have followed leads and found out about a man called Marco who helped with stealing the Hopetech ship. He’s in charge of a smuggling operation on the Red Mile. Time to crack that case. The On the Run faction quest begins


First to Fight, First to Die (Faction Mission)

A Meeting

Set course and land on the Red Mile. Head inside the building and find your ranger contact at the bar. Autumn is not happy to see you and is about to go into a meeting to get some vital information. She doesn’t have time to brief you so you’ll have to follow her lead. Tell her you are ready and follow her to her contact.

Take a seat at the table she stops at and talk to Jade. It turns out this Jade is a similar type of criminal to the Marco you are looking for, but because she stays out of freestar collective space she’s none of your concern. However she’s starting to feel threatened by Marco trying to mussel into her territory so she is willing to help you find him and take him down.

She knows who is dealing with him here and tells you it’s the owner. The woman is called Mei Divine and she won’t give the information up without you doing something for her. Something dangerous. Like running her own death game.

Exploring Red Mile in On The Run Starfield faction mission

Challenge the Red Mile IN ON THE RUN

Your next port of call is to talk to Mei herself and ask her to arrange a meeting with Marco. She will agree as long as you agree to challenge the Red Mile. Follow Mei and she’ll introduce you to the spectators, hyping you up, and explain the game.

Once she’s done, the doors to the Red Mile will open. Head through, down the path then into the elevator. Once you’re out you’ll find your main challengers to be maulers. You’ll come across some more further down. Make use of your jetpack to get on boxes and tough terrain. There will be some explosions around you but as long as you focus on moving over fighting, you’ll get there no problem. There are a couple of Maulers right next to the beacon you can’t really avoid though, so you’ll have to kill those.

On the way back, use the jetpack to jump down as fast as you can. There will be more beasties on the way down so be careful but if you can run that’s better than fighting. With some smart jumps you’ll be able to get back no problem.

Victorious Return

Return to Mei and she will agree to set up your meeting with Marco. After that, return to Autumn and Jade. Autumn will be happy with your success and even apologize for being so harsh in the beginning. She says she’ll meet you back at the Rock once things are underway.

Go back to check on Mei and she’ll tell you where you can find Marco.


Set course for Codos and land on Fortuna. Head into the other ship. Head through the extravagantly decorated halls to find the man you’ve been looking for. It seems he is an amicable man. He won’t give away everything but he’s willing to make a deal and give you some information.

What he asks is for the rangers to ignore his operations. A big ask. If you are skilled in Negotiation, you can make him a good counteroffer. If not it’s your choice whether you accept, refuse or attack.

You’ll notice that refuse and attack aren’t the same thing. If you refuse the conversation will carry on one more round but it will still end in fighting.

If you agree, negotiate, or kill him you will get an encrypted slate. Exit the ship be it via shooting or walking and head back to your own.

The Rock

Set course back for Akila City and head into the Rock. Find Alex where you left him and give him the encrypted slate.

With that its On the Run mission complete.

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