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Fleet Commander is an achievement worth 20 points in Starfield. It requires you to collect ten unique ships, which can be a real headache if you don’t know what you’re doing. Keep reading to find out how to easily complete this challenge without spending hundreds of thousands of credits. 


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Collect 10 Ships 

To complete Fleet Commander, the only requirement is that you collect ten ships. There are no limits as to how you collect these ships, so long as they’re all unique. You also don’t have to have all of them available at all times, so selling each ship before you get the next one is a viable option.

Collect 10 ships for the Fleet Commander Starfield achievement

How to Collect The Ships to Complete Fleet Commander

There are four main ways that you can collect ten ships to complete Fleet Commander. These are:

  • Collect a free ship
  • Steal enemy ships
  • Complete missions that reward you with ships
  • Buy different ships

Method One – Collect a Free Ship to Progress Through Fleet Commander

At the very start of the game, you will be gifted a free ship called the Frontier to help you explore the solar system. Thankfully, this ship counts towards Fleet Commander. So, by just starting up the game you’ll already be 10% of the way there!

To collect the other nine ships, use the following methods. 

Method Two: Board and Capture Hostile Ships

Stealing ships is perhaps the best way to complete Fleet Commander. Stealing a ship is completely free of charge, and is generally pretty simple to do.

To steal a ship, you need to disable its engines and then board it with your crew. After you’ve invaded the ship, you will need to kill every NPC aboard to claim it as your own. You will also need to have a good Piloting Skill level, as you won’t be able to steal the ship if you can’t pilot it.

There’s not much point in keeping the ships that you steal, as they generally won’t be better than your own ship. Luckily, you can sell the ones you steal by registering them with a Ship Services Technician. From here, you can simply sell the ship, netting you a nice profit and putting you one step closer to completing Fleet Commander.

One thing to note is that stealing ships can have repercussions, depending on which faction you steal it from. So, be prepared for a hostile reaction when you venture out into the solar system. 

Method Three: Complete Various Quests

If you don’t feel up to hijacking nine ships, then you can actually collect quite a few ships for free by doing various story or side missions.

Here’s a list of all the missions that you can complete for a free ship:

  • Kelper R- Firstly, you can acquire the Kelper R ship by completing the Overdesigned mission as a Crimson Fleet member.
  • Razorleaf- Secondly, the Razorleaf ship can be acquired after completing the Mantis Questline.
  • UC Prison Shuttle- You can get the UC Prison Suttle after completing Echoes of the past.
  • Star Eagle- To acquire the Star Eagle for free, sign up for the Freestar Ranger faction.
  • Wanderwell- If you choose the Kid Stuff Trait, your parents will eventually gift you the Wanderwell completely for free. 

Method Four: Buy Your Way Through Fleet Commander

The last method you can employ to complete Fleet Commander is to buy your way through the achievement. Starfield has dozens of ships that you can buy for credits, and all of these will count toward Fleet Commander. 

This method may seem like the most efficient way to complete Fleet Commander. However, when you take a look at just how much these ships are going to cost, you’ll probably reconsider.

To put this into context, here are the ten cheapest ships in the game right now:

  • Watchdog – 42,000 Credits
  • Discovery – 52,050 Credits
  • Transpo – 57,150 Credits
  • Rambler – 57,600 Credits
  • Responder – 65,300 Credits
  • Archilles – 66,525 Credits
  • Sparrow – 72,450 Credits
  • Thresher – 75,950 Credits
  • Mustang – 79,550 Credits
  • Mako – 83,250 Credits

As mentioned earlier, you can choose to sell the previous ship to help you buy the next one. However, by doing this, you’re just going to water down your credits, and unless you’re extremely rich, run out of money in-game or in real life! As such, this method should only really be seen as a last resort.

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