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Maintaining the Edge

In Bethesda’s newest title Starfield you’ll be traveling the stars, exploring unknown frontiers, and meeting a whole host of people. Like in many Bethesda games There will be factions for you to join and work your way up. This is a faction mission for Ryujin Industries called, Maintaining the Edge.

You’ve made deals go south, you’ve bullied smaller companies, you’ve planted bad data and somehow you haven’t gotten fired yet. If you’re not sick of the morally corrupt company yet. Let’s go onto our next mission for Ryujin Industries.


Speak to Imogene in Ryujin Industries to pick up your next quest. This next mission is a bit of spying on the competitors. Your target is a schematic for a new engine by Trident Luxury Lines. She doesn’t know exactly where the schematic will be as they have started building so it could be on the factory floor or in an office.

With a reminder to not get caught and not make a mess she’ll tell you that the Staryard is orbiting Akila and you’ll be off.

A quick note, if you don’t want to get caught on this mission make sure you are stocked up with Digipicks to maintain the edge.

Setting course for Akila in Maintaining the Edge Starfield quest

The Staryard

Set course for Akila and find the Staryard in orbit around the plannet. Like last time because this is freestar collective space your ship will be scanned. If you’ve picked up anything stolen or contraband you’ll be arrested and have to do the usual, pay a fine, get arrested or fight.

If you haven’t been arrested, get your thrusters on and head to the Staryard. You may want to fast travel rather than fly as it is a bit of a ways around the planet and could take a while. Fast traveling will get you right next to it and have you docking in no time. Head to the left then continue left heading down the flight of stairs. Once downstairs there will be a locked door between you and the quest marker.


You can digipick the locked door between you and the quest marker but there are a lot of people around so it will be risky. If you have faith in your stealth skills, give it a save and a try but the best way to do it and not get caught is to head back upstairs.

Turn to the right at the top of the stairs and go through the orange door. Inside there will be the entrance to a vent you can use your digipick on. Be careful here though as there are guards patrolling that may see you picking your way in. Best thing to do is to close the door behind you, then pick it.

The second problem is that it is an expert level pick so it may take you some time to figure out. You will need to have your lockpicking skills levelled enough to unlock such a high difficulty lock. Once in, head down and you’ll be able to see a chest with the schematic in through the window. You’ll need to digipick your way through this as well, however this is at least only a novice pick.

Once in you’ll be able to pick up the schematics. We are now nearing the Maintaining the Edge quest completion.


Head back the way you came to get out of the vent and back to your ship. Set course for Neon. Like last time, because this is Freestar collective space they will scan your ship for contraband. Luckily, it seems that the schematics you just stole will not turn up on their scanners so you will only be arrested if you picked up anything else you should not have.

Report In

After landing in Neon, head to the Ryujin Industries buildings. Get in the elevators and head up to the office Imogene is always in to report to her. Talk to her and give her the schematic. She will be pleased, even more so when you don’t get caught.

For once, rather than talking about the next job she will tell you that one of the executives wants to see you. She even upgrades your security clearance to get access to the executive floor. That’s where your headed next for your next mission, Top Secrets.

But for now that is Maintaining the Edge, Mission Complete.

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