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First to Fight, First to Die

First to Fight, First to Die is a Freestar Rangers faction mission in Starfield. Here we travel back to The Rock and explore the Arcturus II.

You’ve tracked down two high ranking members of the first and gotten 3 encrypted slates. It’s time to figure out what’s going on. The First to Fight, First to Die faction quest begins..


The Hammer Falls

The Meeting

Head further into The Rock and sit down for a meeting with Emma and the Marshal. The two will give you something of a review of your actions so far. Once you have gone over everything Alex will interrupt the meeting to tell you he’s cracked the encrypted slates you brought to him. He says there is a reference to a facility called the factory and the Marshal will know where that is.

You have a heading to face the first. Up coming is a dogfight and a large fight through the factory. There is a reason that the NPCs tell you to get prepared so make sure your ship is fully prepared and you have a good stock of ammo. or you’ll be the First to Fight, First to Die.

Arcturus II

Set course for Arcturus II. A soon as you enter orbit, you’ll be attacked by first patrol ships. There will be at least 3 enemy waves, each having 3 ships. Fight them off then land near the factory.

As you are making your way to the factory, be careful of bombs around the area. Keep your eyes down and ears open. When you hear the beeping run fast or use your jetpack to get away quickly.

Once you get to the door, you’ll hear the voice of Paxton Hull who will open the door for you. It’ll be dark inside, turn on your flashlight and scan for enemies. They will open fire as soon as you are in range but there is plenty of cover. If you need help finding them most are in the left corner of the room.

Once you are done head to the back of the room and through the door labelled Refinery. Time for the first to show you how First to Fight, First to Die works.

Fight or Die

Continue the First to Fight, First to Die mission by fighing your way deeper into the factory Paxton will talk to you over the intercom to tell you that the Council of Governors that are in charge of the Freestar Rangers work are corrupt. Shoot what shoots at you and follow the path, jump over the broken bridge, and continue down the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp it looks like there are two ways to go but really, it’s a loop that will take you to the right. There are two enemies on the loop. If you head forward, you’ll be right next to them so, if you want to take care of it in close combat go forward, if not, go right and shoot from across.

The First to Fight First to Die faction mission now requires us to take the ramp down to a control room and be careful near the broken window as people will start shooting at you if you come in range. If you think you can shoot back from that range have at it. If not, you’ll have to open a door to the right. There is minimal cover and poor visibility.

Continue the long and linear path guarded by many first soldiers and eventually you will come across the door to operations.

You’ll have one last fight in a large room with a number of first soldiers before you can get to Paxton. He will eventually come out and you can confront him. Disable Paxton and talk to him after the fight.

Interacting with Paxton in the First to Fight, First to Die mission in Starfield


At first, he will seem like an old veteran that just didn’t like the outcome of the colony war but when you ask him about the farmland. The reason you have been following this up in the first place he asks you if you really want to know. If you want to remain ignorant.

Obviously, we can’t just do that, we have a mission to complete so press him for answers. He’ll reveal that the mastermind was none other than Ron Hope, a member of the council of governors. He’ll give you evidence against him then start shooting. Kill him for First to Fight, First to Die quest complete.

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