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Freestar Rangers Faction Mission – The Hammer Falls

In Bethesda’s newest title Starfield you’ll be traveling the stars, exploring unknown frontiers, and meeting a whole host of people. Like in many Bethesda games There will be factions for you to join and work your way up. This is the last mission for the Freestar Rangers Faction, The Hammer Falls

You’ve taken down the first but found it was one of your bosses that started it all. You’ve been given damming evidence that can’t be denied. Just how will this confrontation go? The Hammer Falls mission begins!


Once Paxton is down, head out of the factory and set course for HopeTown. When you get there head into HopeTech. Don’t go upstairs to Ron’s office though as he won’t be there. Head through the door behind the reception to get to the factory floor. You’ll find Ron, Birget and some guards talking a bit further in.

Exploring the Hammer Falls factory in Starfield

Show the Evidence

Continue with the hammer falls faction mission by speaking to Ron and tell him you have discovered something interesting. Show him the evidence and he will be taken off guard, surprisingly he doesn’t start shooting right away and you have a chance to find out what he was really after. He explains that due to a mishap and some science he had found a way to make the best nutrient rich soil known to man but he needed more land to make it.

He asked Paxton to buy the farms, not take them by force but doesn’t seem so surprised that the farmers wanted to keep their land. After the explanation he admits defeat and agrees to stop and return the land. If you push him, he also agrees to compensate the families…with a discount apparently.

Then he talks about you.


Ron points out that as a member of the council of Governors he can give you a substantial bonus for your work. Some other people would call it shut up money.

Your choices are. Accept the offer of 20,000 credits. Negotiate him up to 50,000 credits or not agree and tell him to turn himself in.

If you do not agree he will point out that letting this truth, get out risks the livelihoods of all his staff. Surpassingly a smart move to appeal to a goody two shoes character. However there are no options to go back. Ron’s persuade was unsuccessful and it’s time for the hammer falls.

After that he will get mean. You have one last chance to agree to be quiet or attack.

By Force

If you disagree then Ron and his security will open fire. There’s only three so it’s not too hard and you’ll have to kill Ron too. After find Brigit and talk to her, she’ll be running away from the scene so you may have to just follow her a bit until she stops to hide.

She will be conflicted about what happened. And you can talk about the future of HopeTech with her.

Back To Base

After that the hammer falls mission objective will notify you of your next destination. You will need to set course for Akila City and head back to The Rock. You’ll find the Marshal on the bottom floor bar for once. Tell him what happened in the factory and with Ron. He’ll be worried since you killed a member of the council of governors but relax a bit more when you give him the slate as evidence.

After he asks Emma to complete your evaluation process. She’ll ask you if your feel ready to wear the badge of a full fledged Freestar Ranger. Which honestly, considering everything you have done so far feels like a rude question at this point. She recommends you to the Marshal for promotion to Ranger.

The Marshal will agree and by the power vested in him by the council of governors he’ll officially promote you and give you your new badge.

With that, The Hammer Falls mission will be complete along with all the quests for the freestar collective.


One of the best reasons to do this quest line is being rewarded with a Star Eagle-class starship without needing to pay a registration fee. Add another one to the small fleet you are likely building up.

You also get a Ranger Skip Pack, Ranger Space Helmet and Ranger Spacesuit if you want to look the part also.

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