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Ryujin Industries Faction Mission – One Step Ahead

In Bethesda’s newest title Starfield you’ll be traveling the stars, exploring unknown frontiers, and meeting a whole host of people. Like in many Bethesda games There will be factions for you to join and work your way up. This is a faction mission for Ryujin Industries called, One Step Ahead.

After a small adventure picking up coffee for the bigwigs you have become one of their operatives. Time to see what kind of work operatives do. Commencing the One Step Ahead mission


Ryujin Industries (Faction)
Access Is Key (Faction Mission)

The Mission

It seems that a rival company tried to hack your systems. So to make sure it doesn’t happen again your being given a file to upload onto their systems via one of their terminals. This is a covert mission.


CeltCorp is in Neon but you can fast travel to the Neon Core to get there faster. Once you appear do a 180 and head down to the quest marker. It’ll lead you to an elevator. Take it to the CeltCorp Floor. There will be a lot of people but you don’t have to worry about sneaking just yet. Head past the reception and take your second left. In the cubical furthest from you, you’ll find a PC to upload the file to.

Again, no one will find it weird that you have just barged in and run into the staff spaces for some reason but if they do see you trying to get into that computer, they will call a guard and the sneakier you can do this the eaiser it will be for you to stay one step ahead.

Getting into the Computer

If you really don’t want to get caught during this tricky one step ahead quest objective, I suggest saving here just in case.

Luckily with this being in a cubical there is plenty of cover, crouch down and keep an eye out. There is a man who walks around a lot and comes from a direction where he will spot you so make sure he’s gone passed before interacting with the computer.

You’ll have to use a digipick to get into the computer. Luckily, it is only novice difficulty so it shouldn’t be to hard. Spin that circle and insert those picks until you can get in. Once you are into the computer you can use the first option on the screen to upload the file you have been given to their system.

There is also a Shipping Order Status file but it doesn’t seem to have anything interesting in it. Not even from a lore prospective.

Assuming you haven’t been spotted you can stand up and walk out like nothing happened and head back to Ryujin Industries to complete the mission, one step ahead.

If You Get Spotted IN ONE STEP AHEAD

If you get spotted in this one step ahead quest a Neon Security guard will stop you. You can try to run out before they catch you but it won’t work. Surrender, for you have failed your stealth attempt. Reload or talk on.

You’ll have the usual options as when you get caught doing something you shouldn’t. 2850 credits and be able to walk away with everything, 350 credits and have any stolen items taken off you, go to jail or start a fight.

Though you are free to pick what you want I don’t suggest starting a fight. Your last mission implied that if you make too much of a mess on these jobs then it’s gets docked from your pay so I would suggest just paying the fine. You’ll loose money but you’ll gain more at the end of the mission.

Regardless of what you pick you’ll still be taken to the station and have to do the run of shame all the way across Neon to get back to Ryujin Industries. The one step ahead quest is almost at a close.

Report In

A short and sweet mission it’s already time to head back and report in. Head back to the Ryujin Industries elevator and head to the operations floor. Take a right and head to the office where you left Imogene. Speak to her to report in.

She won’t be too happy if you got caught but it seems today, even if you did get caught, you won’t have to deal with a docking in pay.

She tells you that your next job will be a little, framing. What is that? Well you’ll find out next mission because this is mission complete for One Step Ahead.

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