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Freestar Rangers Faction Mission – Shadows in Neon

In Bethesda’s newest title Starfield you’ll be traveling the stars, exploring unknown frontiers, and meeting a whole host of people. Like in many Bethesda games There will be factions for you to join and work your way up. This is a quest for the Freestar Rangers faction called Shadows in Neon.

You’ve spoken to the leader of Hope Tech who…encouraged you to find out who stole his ship. You have a lead in Neon. Time to take a look. The Shadows in Neon faction quest begins..


Surgical Strike (Faction Quest)

Neon’s Ranger

Travel to Neon and head to the freestar rangers building. You’ll find your new contact Jaylen Pryce inside. Pryce is quick to warn you that Neon doesn’t work the same as other places. There are a lot of dirty dealings and your shiny badge doesn’t mean as much here.

He’ll have a lead for you. Since you are looking for a ship it is best to start at the Spaceport and a shiny new ship like the one you are looking for would have stood out. Follow Pryce to his contact in the spaceport.

Reaching the Freestar Rangers building in Shadows in Neon Starfield quest

Info at the Spaceport FOR SHADOWS IN NEON QUEST

Pryce introduces you to Billy. Talk to him and ask about the ship and he will ask you to refresh his memory. However he’s not after credits he needs you to get some loan sharks off his back. You can try to persuade him to just give you the info but it is in fact a very hard persuade. 8 points, 3 turns.

If you fail it’s off to talk to the loan shark.

Shark Hunting

Head back into Neon, take a left and into the elevator. Run forward to get to the next elevator. Once out take a right and you’ll find a door with a syndicate man in front of it and some graffiti next to it. Talk to the guard and try to persuade him to let you in. It’s a much easier persuade, only 4 points in 3 turns.

If you fail the persuade, you’ll need to pay him. There is an option to show your badge but it doesn’t get you anywhere. If you, really, really don’t want to pay him you can go into hiding behind him and pickpocket the key.

Once in head up the stairs and through the white door where you’ll find your shark in blue, Emmet. A real shadow of Neon.

Wipe Away the NEON Debt

After a talk you’ll have some options to deal with the Debt. You can try the tricky persuade, again 8 points, 3 turns and if you fail, combat will start.

Another option is to pay the debt yourself for 4000 credits.

You can also attack and kill him.

Or, if you have enough diplomacy, you can promise a favour from the Freestar Rangers in return.

Whichever way you decide to go. Get that Debt cleaned away and head back to the spaceport.

Following a Lead IN SHADOWS IN NEON

Talk to Billy again and tell him he’s free. He pays his end of the bargain by giving you the name of a known ship stealing woman. Pryce chimes in knowing her usual haunt. Head back into Neon proper and into Madame Sauvage’s.

You’ll find the lady, Grace leaning on the wall near the bar. You’ll be able to either intimidate or persuade her to talk. The persuade isn’t as bad as some of the others so far, only 6 points for 3 rounds. Not all is lost if you don’t pass though.

Grace will tell you that she was hired by a woman called Maya Cruz who said she had an accomplice in the Hopetech factory. Maya apparently went for surgery after and Grace was contacted by someone else to complete the job. She’ll give you one of the encrypted slates she used to discuss the job with the new guy.

Pryce tells you of a Ranger at The Rock that should be able to break into the slate you were just given.

Return to The Rock

With that you can get out of the shadows of Neon and head back to Akila City. Head back to The Rock and up to find the ranger Alex. He will be very excited to have the new challenge when you give him the slate.

After that, head upstairs and report to the Marshal. The Marshal gives you some extra info on Maya Cruz and says he has an idea on who Marco might be. He gives you a couple of leads to follow up on and with that it’s shadows in Neon quest complete.

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