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UC Vanguard Faction Quest – Grunt Work

This quest activity is the second for the UC Vanguard and is called Grunt Work. It is a Starfield faction quest, that follows on from Supra Et Ultra.

You’ve taken your tests and sworn your oath. Time to do that probationary mission and show them what you are made of.


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Start the GRUNT WORK Mission

The Grunt Work mission activity will automatically be in your menu after completing Supra et ultra, the first mission in the UC Vanguard quest line. Head down to the Atlantis Spaceport and talk to a man called Hearth.

He tells you it’s his job to get you and your ship prepared for your trips. You have the coms repair kit to deliver for this one as well as a ‘welcome’ kit. Which includes some med packs, spare ship parts and light arms.

Ask him for any extra info you want then set off for Tau Ceti II.

Tau Ceti II

After landing on Tau Ceti II, exit your ship and go straight forward and around the first building to your destination. You’ll hear a strange roar.

Getting closer a woman called Hadrian will contact you over comms, very glad you are here. She unlocks the door for you but tells you to be quiet. It may already know you are here.

Meeting Hadrian in the Starfield Grunt Work quest

The GRUNT WORK Factory

Head inside and take a right. In the office there will be a woman called Hadrian.

She will be happy to see another face and tell you that the eerily quiet nature of this place is down to a terrormorph, a very nasty alien. There is something strange about this one, however. Hadrian wants you to help her confirm this but in order to she needs a sample from it and in order to get that it needs to be a corpse.

Though she doesn’t expect you just to head out and kill it. She wants to turn on the security systems to help out but it is not a one-person job. She can manage the part from the admin terminal, you’ll need to head to another terminal to reset the connection.

So much for easy grunt work.

There are a few interesting bits to loot in the room so make sure you have a look around before getting underway.

Reconnect the Security IN GRUNT WORK

Head back out the way you came and down the stairs. Head across the factory floor and out a door on your right. Take a left as you get outside and head forward. The terminal is on the ground floor in another building not far away.

Enter into the terminal, select the first option, and reset security connection.

Hadrian will give you what information she can. She can create a few areas where turrets will be able to help you kill the terrormorph and you will be able to use the livestock tracking system to keep an eye out for it. In order to get access to that you’ll need to go to the room next door and look at the terminal in there.

You’ll need to turn on the tracking and tune it to the option that has 1 target after that, exit the terminal.

Kill the Terrormorph

After catching a glimpse of this terrifying creature, Hadrian will tell you that the kill lanes are ready but you will need to flip some switches to power them. You can try to take it on without but they will make your life easier. Head back outside.

Thanks to tracking you can look at the right of your screen for updates on how close the enemy is. If you sneak around you can flip the switches then lure the enemy into the light. If you don’t you can find a good place to loop the terrormorph around. It does not have a ranged attack so if you are pretty good at shooting while running you may be able to take it without.

Once it’s down, be sure to pick up the cell sample for it and bring it back to Hadrian to continue the Grunt Work faction quest activity

Return the Sample

Once you return to the office to find Hadrian, she will be impressed and excited to see you. Give her the sample and she’ll lead you to a microscope to examine it. Give her a little bit of time to check it out before speaking to her again. She’ll tell you why she is so worried and ask you to contact a fellow scientist that she’ll need help from after checking in with your commander.

Check in with Command

Head back to Tuala and ask him for permission to deliver the sample. After he gets over that you killed a Terrormorph on your first mission he’ll look into Hadrian and approve your next mission, Delivering Devils. This now completes the Grunt Work quest activity


Commander Tuala directed me to speak to Crew Chief Harath at the New Atlantis spaceport in order to collect the materials I’ll be delivering to Tau Ceti II

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