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Delivering Devils – UC Vanguard Mission

Another one of the UC Vanguard faction quests is Delivering Devils. Which sees us travelling to Cydonia and speaking with a man named Oktai. It is the third Starfield and UC Vanguard faction quest.

You took down a Terrormorph on your very first mission as a UC Vanguard and ended up with a sample. Time to get this to the right people and figure out what is going on. This is a follow-up quest from Grunt Work


Eyewitness Faction Quest
Delivering Devils Gameplay

Cydonia Trade Authority

To begin the Delivering Devils faction quest we will need to head to Mars and into Cydonia. Head directly forward then take a right into the Trade Authority. Go right at the reception and follow the path round to speak to a man called Oktai. He will inform you that Dr.Percival Walter ran off after a ‘discipline issue.’ He is interested in getting money owed from Percival and points you in the direction of some information.

It seems delivering devils will have to wait until you find Percival.


Head out of the trade authority and down the stairs in front of you. Enter the elevator on your right and go to P2. Once there enter the bar not far from the elevator. You will be stopped by a man called Andy. You can ask him where Percival is.

He will start to answer but be interrupted by the barkeep. Once you have control again, go to the barkeep and talk to him. Lou, the barkeep, will not tell you anything about Percival but offers you the chance to earn their trust. Get rid of Percival’s debt to the trade authority and he’ll help you.


There are a couple of ways you can clear the debt. One is to pay it straight up yourself if you have the credits. Another is to hack in and change the files kept in the Trade Authority to make it a bit lower and then the barkeep will happily cover the rest.

As you leave the conversation another patron of the bar called Cambridge will call out to you. He gives you a third option. He and Percival were working on research to make an easily found resource on Mars useful and profitable but were chased out of their base before they could finish it. If the player clears it out and helps finish the research you can turn over that research to the trade authority to cover the debt without hurting your pocket or breaking the law.

Delivering Devils will take some work.

The Abandoned Mine in the Delivering Devils Starfield faction quest

Clearing out the Base

In order to continue with the Delivering Devils faction quest we will need to head back into the elevator and go back up to the main level. Trace your steps back out to the surface. As Cambridge said you shouldn’t need to get back in your ship, run to the quest marker and be ready to fight your way in.

Once you’ve cleared the main floor, you’ll need to head down into the mine to find the leader. After a flight of stairs you’ll come to a door and the shooting will start up again. Fight your way down and shoot anything that moves between you and the quest marker. You’ll come across a third wave on a flight of stairs. A fourth after a yellow door and finally a fifth just a bit further than that.

The leader you are after is in that fifth wave. Kill them and the quest will update.

Completing the Research

Head to the comms terminal to contact Cambridge, keep in mind that there may be a few stragglers left so you may not be completely safe. He directs you to get some hematite. Make sure you have a laser cutter with you and head out of the area. The quest marker is not far, use the laser cutter where directed until you can pick up the hematite.

After that turn around and head to the thrasher. Thankfully the delivering devils quest does not require us to manually remember the password you were told, just interact with the machine and it will start to work. Give the machine some time to work, then collect the data from it. Head back to the comm and Cambridge will tell you were to find a key to an elevator to quicky get out of the mines. Head out and back to the bar to see Cambridge.

He’ll be happy with the results and send you off to trade it to Oktai to clear Percival’s debt.

Clear the Debt

Head back to the trade authority and speak to Oktai, tell him about your business proposal. There is no persuasion needed to get him to wipe Percival’s debt and he will even give you an extra finder’s fee. With that the debt is cleared.

Get back in the elevator and into the bar. Speak to the Barkeep, Lou. He’ll tell you that Percival is being held in in the Red Devil’s HQ. That means it’s back to the mine you just cleared out. It’s finally delivering devils time.

Find Percival

Re-trace your steps all the way back to the abandoned mine. You can at least take the elevator down to where you last were and head out from there. You’ll have to pass through some tricky to navigate terrain but when you find him Percival will be out waiting for you already informed of your help.

After talking to him, follow him inside so he can look at the Terrormorph cells. Give him a bit of time to look at the sample before talking to him again. After some bad news regarding the cells you’ll need to take Percival with you to meet Hadrian at the sixth circle as promised.

The Sixth Circle

You’ll be able to fast travel with him so don’t worry about walking all the way. Head back to the bar and find Hadrian waiting outside for you. She stops the conversation before it can go on and you’ll need to follow the two into the back of the bar before you continue.

After this conversation, the quest Delivering Devils will be complete and you’ll be ready for the next mission in this line, Eyewitness.


Hadrian has asked me to find her colleagues, Percival Walker, on Mars. Percival was recently working with the Trade Authority there, so that seems like a natural place to check first.

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