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UC Vanguard Faction Quest – Friends Like These

Friends Like These is another UC Vanguard faction quest in Starfield. Here we find and speak with Deputy Macintyre.

After the attack on the New Atlantis Spaceport you have been tasked by the UC cabinet to be their representative when talking to the other factions and trying to get access to data sealed away from the armistice.


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Deputy Helpful

To begin the Friends Like These faction quest you will need to first find Deputy Maclntyre in the mast building. She’ll walk you through the nitty gritty of the political situation surrounding the data. She’ll give you an overview of the two ambassadors who you will be dealing with.

Radcliff of the freestar collective is apparently a stubborn veteran so the best way to try convincing her is through your military experience and the idea of an oncoming threat. However if that is not enough, the Deputy here has back up plans, which may include some breaking and entering.

Bal’mor from house Va’ruun may or may not be dead. It’s been a few years since he was last seen. Your task will be to find him in the first place.


Maclntyre suggests starting with Radcliff and you have no reason to doubt her expertise. Head into the building’s elevator and down to the lobby. The Freestar embassy is just a short walk from the mast building. Once there head into their elevator and press the button.

Once you talk to Radcliff you will understand what Maclntyre meant by stubborn. You will however have a chance to persuade her. It’s a tough one, you’ll need 8 points in 3 turns. In turn one you will have the chance to bribe her but even that won’t get you all the points you need.

If you are lucky enough to pass then congrats but that is a very hard persuade to get through. If not, there’s always plan B.

Plan B

It’s time to implement Maclntyre’s plan B. A bit of breaking and entering to make friends like these. There is a listening device in Radcliff’s personal quarters. If you have good stealth you can walk behind Radcliff, just out of her eye sight and enter stealth. Pickpocket her key and use it to unlock her personal quarters through the door behind her. Sneak in and interact with the hidden device in the planter which will give you some wonderfully incriminating evidence to use.

Sneak back out and be careful not to be spotted. You can then talk to Radcliff about what you found. She’ll be quick to change her tune with you and you can even convince her to give you a rare pistol as well as getting the password you need from her. After the conversation you’ll need to follow her down to the access code machine to get the code.

Va’ruun Embassy

After that you’ll need to head to the Va’ruun Embassy. You’ll find it…something of a mess. A plant seems to have overgrown the area. Follow the path and head into a room directly in front of you. You’ll be able to interact with the com and a hissing voice will come out asking for help and to restore power. You can restore power with the panel next to the com.

Open the door on your right when you leave the room and head in, beware of some defence robots that will now come online as you make your way through. You’ll be fighting some bipedal robots and roof turrets. Just to make it challenging to make friends like these.

Fight your way through to a second power panel and flip the switch. The voice will tell you there is one more. Fight your way to the third and the voice will ask you to come to the basement. There will be another fire fight in the basement with more robots but you’ll finally find Bal’mor alive and well.


Follow Bal’mor into his safe room and speak with him. He is reasonable and on the condition that you swear that the data is used to save lives he will give you his archive access code. Follow Bal’mor to the code generating machine and get the code from him.

Reaching the archies during Starfield Friends Like These quest

Get the Data

Return to the mast building and take the elevator up to see Deputy Maclntyre she is very surprised to see you back and successful. She gives you the last piece of the puzzle and you’ll be able to get the data.

Head into the archives and a lady there will tell you how to get access and what the rules are when you get in. Follow her instructions and insert the codes into each of the receptacles. With that, the archive will be unlocked. Head in, collect your data and get out again.

Head back to Deputy Maclntyre to deliver the data and find Hadrian there too. Give the data to Hadrian and then follow Deputy Maclntyre. She’ll take you up to the roof to receive your citizenship. Congrats you are a citizen of the UC.

With that it will be Friends like These complete and you’ll be onto the next quest in this line called The Devils You Know.

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